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Home Maintenance: How To Take Care of Important Fixtures and Fittings

Keeping on top of all of the maintenance jobs at home can be a hassle. But it’s one that shouldn’t be avoided. By taking proper care of fitting and fixtures they’ll last a lot longer and will have been a much better investment. Make your money go further by maintaining, rather than replacing, these fixtures and fittings.


Home Maintenance

The frame and glass of a window needs to be kept in good working order. Not only does it instantly change the look of a room, but well-maintained windows will keep you warm and dry too. If you have PVC windows you need clean the frame at least twice a year for optimum results. A good tip is to open the windows and loosen any dirt or cobwebs with a paint brush. This is a cheap little tool that can get into those hard to reach areas. Use your vacuum cleaner nozzle to deal with anything that’s left. To clean the frames themselves a simple mixture of warm water and washing up liquid works just fine. Wipe the frames with a soft cloth thoroughly.


Now you need to clean the glass itself. If you’re really meticulous, once a month is best, but four times a year is probably the minimum amount of cleaning you can get away with. Start by removing any dust, insects etc that have landed on the glass. You can do this with a damp cloth. Head to your local supermarket for some glass cleaners, these are best as they leave windows streak free. Buff your windows with a clean cloth to polish them. In terms of maintenance, give your hinges and handles a good spray with oil every six months to keep everything creak-free. If you need to replace your windows completely check out Ply Gem replacement windows. Just make you money stretch by taking care of your new windows properly.


Home Maintenance

Much like windows, ovens need a seriously good clean once in a while to keep them working to full capacity. The good news is, you don’t have to do it too often, twice a year is probably fine. If you use it everyday aim to clean it a little more frequently. Be extremely careful when cleaning oven knobs. Never remove the knob and spray cleaner underneath. In effect, you are squirting the electrical system and this could lead to you being electrocuted. Another top tip is to replace the gas in a new gas oven. The movement of changing an old over for a new one could cause leaks in the gas line. This is really unsafe and replacing the gas is cheap and easy.

Washing Machine

Home Maintenance

Just like your oven and windows, this is an expensive fixture that needs to be cleaned regularly to make it last. Lime scale can build up in a machine quite easily and can damage the washing machine. Not only can your washing machine stop working, but your laundry could start to take on an undesirable odor. Not cleaning your washing machine could result in parts, or even the whole machine, needing to be replaced.


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