Sports You Can Play Indoors
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Rainy Day? Here Are Sports You Can Play Indoors

One of the most frustrating things about sports is that when it’s raining, it can be incredibly difficult to get anything done because of the wet conditions. Running around and diving in the mud can be fun when you’re young, but the cleanup is an absolute mess and it takes a very long time to clean up the house when your children run inside. Thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic indoor sports that you can indulge in if you want to still want to have fun doing something physical and not just sitting at home watching sports. To help you pick a sport to play during a rainy day, here’s a list of some of the most popular ones.

Sports You Can Play Indoors


For a long time, bowling has been relegated to just a family activity that you take your family and friends to. However, it’s a booming sport that has always been relatively popular although it hasn’t seen much success in the mainstream. To most people, bowling might seem like just a silly pastime where you throw a heavy ball towards some pins, but it’s played by millions of people around the world not just as a recreational sport, but also as a profession. Not only is bowling a tonne of fun for everyone in the family, it’s also a great low-impact exercise that helps you burn fat and strengthen muscles. Of course, it’s not as physically demanding as some other games, but it’s still better than sitting at home watching sports on television while eating fast food.

Table Tennis

A table tennis table used to be very high on the list of “wants” for children across the world. Table tennis is much like its larger counterpart, but due to the small size of the ball and the lighter weight, it can get incredibly fast and tense in a short amount of time. Rallies are incredibly fast and to the untrained eye, it can look like a blur when viewed from a television screen. However, table tennis can be played a lot slower by inexperienced players and it’s the perfect activity to store in your garage or a recreation room because the tablet itself can be folded and there is usually room to store balls and paddles.

Sports You Can Play Indoors


Although soccer is typically an outdoor sport, you can also play it indoors. Five-a-side soccer, also known as Futsal, is one of the best ways to play soccer with a smaller group and no access to a large pitch. It is native to Brazil and Uruguay and they play it more often than regular soccer. This is because it’s convenient and you can play it with fewer people. You don’t need to book a large pitch and you don’t need to fight other groups of people over who gets to use the field. It’s also great for playing in sports centers and recreational facilities. However, you’re going to need these indoor shoes for soccer because if you play in socks, you’re going to slip around everywhere and regular football shoes are going to destroy the floor and make it hard to play.


Although boxing isn’t the first sport you’d think of taking your children too, there are many great advantages to getting into boxing. For one, it’s an extremely physical sport that promotes good health and fitness, as well as discipline. As a contact sport, it’s a great way to release stress when training and it helps motivate you to get fit. There are many boxing gyms around the world and all of them are very welcoming. In fact, many gyms create communities for people to join in and be a part of. Many popular boxers got their start in a gym and slowly climbed their way up to the top with the support of all the boxers and staff members at the gyms they trained at. However, it’s not recommended to take children boxing at a young age and it’s something that should be considered during high school or college years. Boxing is also a great way to learn practical self-defense tips, but should never be used as a way physically harm others outside of the ring.

Sports You Can Play Indoors


Squash is another fantastic indoor sport that is suitable for players of all ages. It is essentially like tennis, except you and your opponent stand shoulder to shoulder on the same side and hit a squash ball against a wall. Since it requires less than half the amount of space as a tennis court, it means you can fit a squash court in smaller areas and you might even be able to build one at home should you have space. However, squash is very popular in sports and leisure centers due to how easy it is to get into and the high level of skill required to master it. There are many types of squash balls that suit anything from an absolute beginner to a professional, and the gear required is relatively cheap. Squash requires an insane amount of physical fitness and speed due to how fast-paced it is, making it a great workout and a lot of fun.


Another staple in the indoor sports community, volleyball is also known for being played on beaches and sand. However, the indoor variety is just as fun and a lot more convenient to play. The court doesn’t take up much space or set up so it’s easy to find an indoor area to play volleyball. Volleyball is typically played with two teams of six players. However, if you’re just playing for recreational that number can, of course, be reduced. There is a lot of mobility required in volleyball because the field is rather large and it can be difficult trying to reach the ball if you aren’t agile. There is also a lot of jumping around to reach the ball and slam it down against your opponent’s side of the court, making it a fantastic high-impact workout for all ages. It’s recommended that children play on adjustable volleyball nets due to their height.

Sports You Can Play Indoors


Basketball is perhaps the most popular indoor sport in the entire world. It’s also one of the most popular sports in the world period. Funnily enough, most basketball courts in the world are actually outdoors in parks and urban play areas. This is because basketball only requires the net and a basketball, making it very simple to set up in your backyard or a park with a hard floor. Basketball is played with two teams of five players. However, like most other sports, if you play for recreational you could do with just a single hoop and ball with any amount of players. You need to be agile and have great flexibility if you want to play basketball. There is also a lot of hand-eye coordination when bouncing the ball, making it a fantastic sport for all ages and for developing children.


Swimming itself can be considered a fantastic recreational activity, but it’s even better when you put yourself against friends or family. Trips to your local swimming pool usually don’t involve much swimming at all, just soaking in a pool and waddling around. But if you’re able to reserve some space in a pool or a few lanes to swim in, you could compete with other people to see who is the fastest. Swimming is a fantastic cardio workout that trains both your arms and legs, is suitable for all ages, and is the perfect sport to play when the skies are pouring with rain.

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