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3 Helpful Tips for Male Grooming For Oblivious Dads

Whether it’s an upcoming event such as your child’s birthday or an important parent’s meeting at school, it’s never a bad idea to improve your appearances for the sake of not embarrassing your family. However, this can be rather difficult for a dad that’s a little out of touch with his own fashion and appearance. To help you out, here’s a brief guide on male grooming for oblivious dads who want to get back in touch with their fashionable and gentlemanly side.

Male Grooming

Get to Know Your Local Barber

If you want expert advice on your hair and beard, then look no further than your local barber. If they’re skilled, they can make the scruffiest dad look like a gentlemanly idol that their kids would be proud of. They’ll give you plenty of advice ranging from what hair and beard products to use, to what type of haircut would look fantastic for your head shape. Trust in your barber, understand that they are trying to help and stop worrying about anxiety or getting laughed at when you go into the barber shop. If you attend regularly, you’ll make good friends with the people at the barber’s and you’ll have a manly hangout location to visit once in a while to get your hair sorted.

Male Grooming


Mask those nasty grown-man smells with some deodorant and some fragrances. Yes, perfumes aren’t just for ladies! These make excellent gifts to treat yourself to on random occasions, and there are some wonderful perfumes out there that will make you look and smell like a billionaire. It’s important to get the right advice when picking fragrances because it’s an entirely alien world to most people.

For instance, Bolvaint is one of the preferred brands of perfumes for men due to its masculine nuances. Just make sure you do you research and get a good idea of what fragrances will suit you—the last thing you want is to accidentally get a cologne that is meant for women! You don’t want to drown yourself in the stuff either. If people notice it and question you on a regular basis, then you’re probably wearing a little too much.

Male Grooming

Look the Part

Choosing a suit is difficult. You could just stop by a local store and pick something off the rack, but if you want something that truly fits your body and makes you look amazing, then you’re going to need to measure yourself or visit a bespoke tailor. If it’s been awhile since you last bought a suit, then your old one is probably dull in color, worn out and old. If you want to look the part, you’re going to have to measure yourself or ask a store assistant to help you pick out a suit.

They’ll ask you a lot of questions and you’re going to have trouble answering half of them, but as long as you stick with it, you’re going to end up with the perfect suit. Just remember that suits cost a lot of money—especially if they’re bespoke!

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