Must-Haves For Every Man Cave
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These Are the Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

Must-Haves for Every Man CaveUnless you are a bachelor, whereby you are able to turn your entire apartment-slash-flat-house into the ultimate bloke’s den on a whim, you’ll find it quite tricky to obtain your better half’s permission to create your very own man cave. Don’t worry, this is entirely normal, and more often than not comes down to how you phrase your request. Under no circumstances believe that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. That rule does not apply here.

As such, you should always explain how this addition will benefit your partner the most. Explain how it will allow them to enjoy some personal space and that little bit of extra freedom. Explain how they will no longer have to be subjected to that zoo that is a load of men filling their living room every weekend to watch the game, getting their feet all over the furniture, shouting, cheering, jeering, spilling beer and getting nacho crumbs in every nook and cranny imaginable.

Explain how your co-existence will find a whole new level of harmony. And if you sense them being able to see right through your gentle BS, and then quickly explain how your expansion plans to include a man cave also includes plans to turn the spare room into a walk-in wardrobe for them. It has to be equipped with a full-length vanity mirror, chaise lounge, massage table, an array of oversized bean bags and a shoe rack to match the Kardashians. Yeah, that should do it.

Of course, gaining permission is only part of the battle, because now you need to plan exactly what is going to go in your man cave to make it the ultimate space; a decision that should not be taken lightly. Of course, some of this may be determined by your chosen space, which can range from the garage to attic to basement. Nonetheless, this is your room and probably the only room you will be granted full control over the design and furniture, so take as much advantage of this fact as you can by following our guidance and filling it with these essential must-haves:

Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

The Right Seating Is Crucial

You may be surprised that this has filled the number 1 spot, but a man cave isn’t all about watching sports and drinking. It is also about relaxing, listening to the music you want, escaping, that sort of thing. So the seating is crucial. As such, always start with your seat, which should be a recliner. It’s that multi-purpose chair. It is that place you can watch sports, play guitar, make business calls and fall asleep in front of the TV. Then, once this is done, and only once this is done, start considering other bits of seating, like L-shaped sofas and some reclaimed cinema seats, maybe even the old bucket seats from your first sports car; that sort of thing, a place for your friends to get comfy.

Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

Now We Come To the Screen

This is an item that should not be scrimped on under any circumstances. Chances are, your man cave is going to be used to host movie showings, fight nights and Super Bowl weekends, and that means you want a big, high-quality screen to give you the ultimate treat. We know that your wife would agree here, the bigger the better. This means nothing smaller than 50 inches, and if you can snap up a projector and projector screen then always snaps it up. You want your friends to be impressed and you want your wife and kids to join you in watching the latest films.

Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

You Need Refreshments on Tap

This means a bar. It doesn’t have to be snazzy, but obviously the snazzier it is the more impressive your man cave will look and feel. This is going to be the center point. Your friends will probably gravitate towards the screen, but deep down they know this is the focal part of all proceedings. So have a bar that looks the part. You will need fridges, beer on tap and array of spirits, cocktail shakers and some of those old Guinness posters. Remember, though, this won’t just be used for the game; it will be used by friends and family that come over for lunch or dinner or just social gatherings.

Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

Are You Not Entertained?

You can’t, not should you want to, rely on your screen as they only form of entertainment. No, sir. You’ll want other forms of memory-makers too. We’re talking dart boards and pool tables, because what is better than having a few cold ones as you play a game of 8-ball or round-the-clock. Or why not go that little bit further and get a sweet poker table, and start hosting a little gambling game on Monday nights, a sophisticated get together where your man friends can come and enjoy your man cave and their wives can get together in the living room.

Now that is a plus. Another thing to add to your cave for entertainment is a raised platform for your instruments. Have a place to jam with your band in a soundproof place. Have a drum kit, your bass, and lead, your acoustics and keyboards.

Must-Haves For Every Man Cave

The Walls Can’t Be Bare

This is your chance to buy that art you always wanted. Whether it’s something from Art for Misfits, or big movie posters from your favorite childhood film like Jaws. You will also need sporting memorabilia, like signed Baseball jerseys or the balls from certain American Football games, or even the vinyl from your dad’s old collection. It is all in your hands. But have fun with it. If you’re going to be most likely to use this man cave as a cinema, then why not go with the old school film posters.

Perhaps you’re a massive Godfather fan, or anything that has Ryan Gosling in, well here is your chance to show off that adoration for all things Hollywood, the same way it could be a completely football-focused area devoted to the Patriots. It is totally your call. Just listen to your gut.

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