Bonding Opportunities
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Turning Alone Time Into Bonding Opportunities

It’s essential that any parent gets some time away from their kids to focus on whatever hobbies or interests they had before they had children. Even if it’s just a snatched half-hour in the afternoon while they nap to catch up on a project that it’s taken you months to get through, it all counts. As a Dad, it can feel like a sense of identity is lost as you are helping your child to find their own, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Getting your kids involved with any interests that you have can be a great way to bond and share time together, and you may find that the time you were previously yearning for can be incorporated into a special time together.

Bonding Opportunities


If you play an instrument, pre-teen age is an ideal time to get your kid interested. It may be that they don’t fancy the instrument that you play, but that’s fine – encourage them to go with what they want to do. If you don’t know how to play an instrument, any time is fantastic to start when you’ve got a child with you to do it, and you can self-teach with so many resources available to you online. For example, if you were trying to learn guitar, there are sites online such as Guitarspotting that will be able to guide you towards anything you need to know. Tabs and music are just a quick search away and guitars are portable enough for you to strike up a mini-band wherever you are.


Reading a book can seem like quite a solitary activity, but it’s far from that. You can start off by reading your baby or toddler bedtime stories to get them to sleep, but moving on from that your child may just enjoy reading the same books as you. Remember the Harry Potter craze, where children and their parents alike were reading the same books? There are so many novels out there which can appeal to the both of you – but maybe you could start with Harry Potter and work your way up. You’ll spend hours discussing the characters and what’s about to happen next.


The Dad classic. There are a plethora of sports out there to throw yourself into, and new sports emerging all the time. There will always be something out there to encourage you to get out and get fit and healthy. Don’t limit it just to boys, either – girls love sports just as much as the next kid. Getting out and exercising isn’t just beneficial to your child’s health, it’s also great for their social skills development, too. Have a look around for some local teams to go and look at and perhaps join in.


Player 1 always needs a Player 2. Technology is advancing and we are in a completely digital age – there is no way that we can avoid it. We now need some form of technology to be able to function on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s gaming, coding or constructing, let your child take a share in your interests and help you out.

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