Sporting Trips
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Sporting Trips to Take Your Kids On

When we fathers were young, we didn’t have things such as electronic entertainment, video games or even the internet to keep us occupied on a weekend. Technology had yet to advance that far and even when classic game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System were released, they were considered “geeky” toys and most children still went outside to get their fun. However, the main reasons children went outside in the first place was to first get away from their parents, but also because they wanted to play sports.


There’s nothing more relaxing than going out with your children to play some sports and relive some of your older memories. It could be a simple trip to the park with a ball under your arm, or you could take your kids on an entertaining day at the bowling alley. Here are a couple more ideas on where you could take your children out for a sport-filled day away from their computer screens.

Sporting Trips


While some might not even consider bowling a sport, there’s no doubt that it’s a fun-filled activity that is suitable for the whole family. Bowling isn’t a dying sport and it’s not a dying pastime either. In fact, with all of the bowling alleys around the country, you won’t need to go far to find a suitable location to host a birthday, a party or even just a fun weekend out. The advantage to a bowling alley is that they are fully featured entertainment venue. There are video games to play, food to eat and of course, bowling to be played. It’s family-friendly, entertaining, and contains everything you need for a great day out—what more do you need?

Sporting Trips

Sports Match

If you and your children are passionate about a game, then nothing beats taking them out to watch your favorite team playing live in the stadium. The first time your children experience a real sporting event will be surreal, but it will burn into their minds as one of the best days they’ve ever had and most likely the most memorable day. It’s a good idea to try and get tickets early to reduce the costs and give you and your kids something to look forward to. For example, there are ANZAC day tickets available for sale right now if you and your children are interested in the AFL. Tickets usually cost more when you better views, so make sure you reserve enough tickets early to get the best seats.

Sporting TripsPark or Field

Lastly, the classic method of getting some sporting fun with your children is to take them to a nearby park or field. You can play classic soccer using jackets and sweaters as goal posts, or you could go to a nearby tennis court and start a few rallies. Whatever you decide, make sure the place you go to has space for you and your family to play in, and that you bring the relevant equipment because unless it’s a leisure center, there are probably no rentals available!


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