Chilling Out With Your Kids
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Daddy Cool: Chilling Out With Your Kids

Chilling Out With Your Kids

Ever wished that the weekend would never end? We all treasure those few short days we get to spend time with our families but often it all seems to go by so quickly, and it’s then back to work for another five days.

Be In the Moment

It’s going to sound a little strange but really focus on what your children are doing as often many parents simply operate on autopilot. Childhood doesn’t last forever, and before you know it, your daughter will be swapping teddy bear tea parties for trips to the local mall so make sure you’re getting fully involved in playtime activities. Unless you’re on call, turn off your phone, or at least set it to silent and instead give yourself time on Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead. Listen to what they’re saying, the sound of their voices, the expressions on their faces and understand who your kids are. It’s always fun to see glimpses of yourself or their mother in the way that they communicate.

Plan Trips In Advance

There’s no point in planning a day out to the zoo if you know it’s going to clash with an outstanding presentation that’s due, or suggesting an after school trip to get ice cream when you think you’ll need to work late. Don’t feel because you can’t devote all your time to them that you should wait till next week, even a morning or afternoon playing football, riding bikes or making cookies is better than nothing and kids treats don’t always need to be expensive. Grab the blow up airbed, learn more here about picking a decent one, sleeping bags, tent and some snacks and you’ve already got the makings of a camping trip! Remember, they just want to spend time with their dad so whatever you suggest they’ll love it.

Do Stuff Together

You know you need to mow the lawn, paint the fence and put up a few shelves but your kids also want to hang out with dad so what’s it to be? Don’t let weekend chores get in the way of family fun as even the littlest member of the family can help in some way, even if it’s just arranging their plastic blocks to ‘show’ you how shelves should look! Older children can hold paintbrushes, or you could even teach them the correct way to paint, while teens can pick up some DIY tips like hanging picture frames that’ll come in handy in student digs.

Take Pajama Walks

Sometimes younger children can struggle with bedtime especially if you work away during the week, so it’s always good to spend quality time with them last thing at night. A brilliant way to calm them down and get them feeling tired is to take them on a pajama walk, this basically involves having them completely ready for bed, teeth brushed, hair combed and jammies on then popping coats and shoes on top and going for a little wander around the neighborhood. It may only last a couple of blocks, but you can use the walk to discuss any worries they might have, talk about what you see or make up bedtime stories!

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