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Check Out IMSA Racing from Sebring This Weekend

This post is sponsored by IMSA Racing but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

IMSA RAcing #IMSA #ad

What do you have planned for this weekend? Are you looking for something exciting to do? I know me too, so join me in checking out 12 hour marathon of racing. You heard that right, 12 hours of racing by some of the top drivers in the world. Have you heard of IMSA Racing before? Honestly, me either, but they’ve gotten my attention by hearing about the great show they put on for their fans. IMSA Racing is known for racing on the best race tracks in the world featuring those top drivers. What racing venue is known for having all the top car brands in one race? You have the likes of Audi, Acura, Aston Martin, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, and Porsche in one race. That’s one of the many things about IMSA Racing that you’ll love as it’s the best of the best.

IMSA Racing #IMSA #adWhenever there’s a big sporting event, you always got to have something to eat. For me, I’m not one of those guys that need to have something huge for sports. All I need is some is some good pizza and I’m good! This will be my first time checking out the races, but as a first-time viewer I’m expecting some excitement. You get to check out the nice cars going some amazing speeds; this is definitely right up my alley. The races last from March 15th to March 18th with a total of 12 hours of racing. It all takes place at the Sebring International Raceway in Sebring, Florida.

IMSA Racing #IMSA #adFor those who can’t attend the live event, no worries because you can catch on TV. Tune in on FS1 on Saturday, March 18th from 12:30pm- 11pm, with the entire race broadcast on FOX Sports Go from 10:30am-11pm. IMSA Racing combines the best parts of F1, NASCAR and Indy Car into one exciting race. For more information about IMSA Racing, click here and see why this race is like no other.


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