Bayer Aspirin #BayerAspirin #HeroSmith #ad
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Spread the Word with Bayer Aspirin to Help Save Lives

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Bayer Aspirin #BayerAspirin #HeroSmith #ad

Would you know what to do if you or a loved one had a heart attack? Actually, they’re pretty common in the United States. Did you know that a heart attack occurs every 42 seconds in the United States? For me, that’s a scary statistic to think about because my family has a history of heart disease. For most of us, this is a hard topic to discuss because we never think about something bad happening. If you’re around someone that may be having a heart attack, call 911 and give them aspirin as directed by a doctor. Many people don’t know that aspirin could help save their life. That’s why we all need to take the pledge with Bayer and help save lives by always keeping Bayer Aspirin on you at all times.

Call 911

First and foremost, if you suspect someone is having a heart attack, please call 911. When the first responders arrive, let them take over as they’re trained professionals.

Join the Hero Smith Campaign

Bayer Aspirin is out to help everyone with the Hero Smith campaign. The campaign is to address the growing number of heart attacks in the United States and educate people on the life-saving benefits of Bayer Aspirin. They want to let everyone know how chewing aspirin during a suspected heart attack could really help saves lives. The problem is that not enough people carry around aspirin because we tend to keep them just in the medicine cabinet. Also, we only use them for fighting a fever or when we’re in pain, but they can do so much more. For someone who lost several loved ones over the years due to heart attacks, please join this campaign.

Take the Pledge

Bayer Aspirin #BayerAspirin #HeroSmith #adBy going to the website and taking the pledge, you’re stepping up and saying YOU want to help. It’s simple, just go to this website, and take the pledge.

Take the Quiz

Bayer Aspirin #BayerAspirin #HeroSmith #adTo show how many lives you could possibly save, take the quiz by Bayer Aspirin. The quiz will ask what size city you live in, how you get to work and the number of people that’s employed at your job. In the end, it says that I could possibly help save over a 1,000 lives from a heart attack. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s something to think I can help save that many lives.

Why This Is So Important to Me

First off, my family has a long history when it comes to heart disease. I’ve lost my grandmother, both grandpas and my best friend to heart attacks. Later this year, I’ll be turning 40-years-old and my doctor has advised me to get healthier. As of now, my heart is in good condition, but I’m getting older and need to shed some pounds to decrease the workload on my heart. As of now, I’ve dropped 17 pounds in 6 weeks and want to continue to live an active lifestyle with the hopes of never developing heart problems. Being overweight and an African American male, my chances of having problems with my heart is very high. The first step in the right direction is to educate myself and others with the help of Bayer Aspirin and the Hero Smith campaign.


So who’s with me on this journey? Once again, educate yourself with the Hero Smith campaign, take the pledge to carry aspirin. Who knows, you could possibly help save a life in the process.


Disclaimer: In the event of a suspected heart attack, immediately call 9-1-1 and chew or crush and swallow aspirin as directed by a doctor.

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