Convert Your Home Into A Smart Home

How to Easily Convert Your Home into a Smart Home

Convert Your Home Into A Smart HomeBelieve it or not, converting an old house into a “smart” home is easier than you might think. In fact, if you have a wireless router in your home – which is all but a given these days – then you’re halfway there. The Internet of Things is simply a collection of everyday items that connect to the Internet; you don’t have to rewire your home or gut the interior to accommodate new hardware. Simply buy smart items that make sense for your lifestyle, get them connected, and you’re set! Here are some recommendations on how you can convert your home into a smart home.

Home Automation Systems

Home automation products can transform your home and the way that you live your life. Ultimately, a smart home is one that makes your life easier by reducing your work load. Home automation systems make this possible by making it easy for you to control everything in your home with the click of a button. Furthermore, these systems can provide peace of mind when you’re away from home, as many home automation systems, like those from ADT, allow you to remotely control the temperature, lock or unlock doors, turn appliances on and off, and monitor your home in real time via security cameras.

You’ll never think twice about whether you locked up – because that information is right at your fingertips, whenever you need it. And if you need to lock up on the go, you can! You may want to opt with a company where you don’t need to put money down. Get premium home cameras and installation that’s controlled by an app with vivint smart home.

If you want a home that is truly “smart,” then you need a home that thinks – and acts – for itself. A comprehensive home automation system that ties into and makes use of multiple synced devices does just that.

Smart Entertainment Systems

Think of how you consume media. What types of programming do you watch? Do you watch primarily from mobile devices, your desktop computer, or a TV? Do you watch first-run programming, or do you catch up with programming after the fact? Do you listen to music as often as you watch television or movies? The answers to these questions will help you decide what type of smart entertainment system is right for you. Perhaps you don’t need a smart entertainment system at all; if you still primarily watch television on cable, then a Smart TV or streaming device might not be right for you. But if you’re like many of us, and get your sources of entertainment from all over, then smart devices are the way to go.

If you consume media of various types in a variety of ways – YouTube videos, streaming music and MP3s, on-demand movies, Netflix and Hulu original programming, and more – then smart entertainment devices like an Apple TV, Xbox One, Smart TV, or Google Chromecast can help you cut the cord. The specific smart device (or devices) that you buy is less important than the type of hardware you ultimately end up with. To choose, ask yourself the questions posed above and find out what type of smart entertainment system is right for your home. Ultimately, your goal should be to buy a system of devices that give you access to the type of programming and multimedia options that you enjoy. And ease of access is important too – some devices, like Google Home, are even voice-activated!

Smart Appliances

As with smart entertainment systems, smart appliances come in a wide variety of applications. There are smart dishwashers, smart washing machines, smart refrigerators, and even smart coffee makers. If you are looking to convert your traditional home into a smart home, think about how you use your house, and what benefits smart appliances might provide you and your family. Is the kitchen a central hub for entertainment, conversation, and dining? Then perhaps a smart refrigerator like the Samsung Family Hub is right for you; it allows you to play music, keep a calendar, access recipes online, and even see the contents of your fridge from anywhere, right from your smartphone.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re seeking smart appliances that can think and act for themselves. Smart washing machines like Whirlpool’s Smart front-loading washer can run a cycle when you’re away from home, allow you to check your cycle from your smartphone, and even keep track of energy usage. Furthermore, the washer will let you know when it’s time for maintenance or an item needs to be replaced. Not all smart devices are designed to impress with bells and whistles; some simply work better while giving you greater flexibility and control.

Live Smarter Today

What type of smart appliances and gadgets are you looking for? You may be tempted to buy what’s “hip” at the moment, but consider what’s right for your lifestyle and go from there. Once you do, you will be able to control your home on the go, take advantage of home automation, enjoy greater security and peace of mind, and even benefit from smart devices that learn your habits and lifestyle, and adapt to it. Start living smart today!

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