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6 Great Gifts Every Dad Deserves

Father’s Day still may be a ways away, but if you have been a good dad all year, you deserve a gift a little early.  Whether you are thinking of what to get your dad for his birthday or you are just looking to treat your dad, there are plenty of gift ideas available that you may not have even considered.  Here is a list of gifts every dad deserves.


Whether you are in dire need of a shiny new watch you would like to add another to your vast collection, a watch is a must-have accessory for every man.  Leather watch bands are a classic piece, and so are mesh and chain varieties.  Hint to your significant other that you want a watch that suits your personality, whether that be a sporty watch, a modern watch, or a watch for an active lifestyle.  You may even opt for a watch with interchangeable bands.  Some brands offer this option, and you may simply pick the watch face you like the most and get different bands that best express your style.


The Fitbit—you have heard of it, and if you do not own one already you are probably curious about getting one.  If you are a busy or otherwise stressed out dad, a Fitbit can help you become aware of your body by recording your steps, heart-rate, calorie intake, sleep pattern, and more.  Become healthier and optimize performance by keeping track of your daily routine and habits.  For example, you may become aware of your erratic sleeping pattern and take steps to get better rest.  Remember, a healthier and happier dad means healthier and happier children.

Gifts Every Dad DeservesMassage

Everyone deserves a good massage at a spa every now and then, and you are no different.  It does not matter whether you are a working dad in the office or you stay at home, because either way you likely put stress on your muscles you may not even be aware of.  Men frequently experience lower back issues in the lumbar region.  That old sports injury from high school in your shoulder may flair up every now and then.  Massages are typically scheduled in one-hour sessions, so if you have a busy schedule, simply sparing an hour may do just the trick.

A Foam or Ball Roller

Do you have tense feet?  Get a small textured rubber ball roller designed specifically to massage your feet.  You may simply put pressure onto the ball with your foot, either standing up or sitting, and move your foot back and forth.  Not everyone can go get a foot massage every day, but this handy and simple device might become your saving grace.  A larger cylindrical foam roller can be used to massage large portions of the body, release tension, and heal muscle soreness.  Finally, you can stretch out that tense IT band!

Chef’s Knife

You may already be the jack-of-all-trades dad—coach, maid, and cook—but you can sharpen your cooking skills with a professional chef’s knife.  A chef’s knife is the quintessential blade used to slice and dice your way to an incredible meal.  You may have only treated cooking as a necessary task before, but with a sharp chef’s knife, you may find yourself becoming the next Anthony Bourdain of your family.

Gifts Every Dad DeservesBackpacking Retreat

It may be time to go outdoors and get some fresh air.  Sometimes, you need to really get out of doors.  Fortunately, the U.S. has fifty-nine national parks, which means you may have one in your very backyard.  You may want to keep it local by driving a few hours out of town, or you may want to go on a full adventure in another state.  Take in the natural splendor of the Grand Tetons, the famous Half-Dome, or Old Faithful. There are many organizations and businesses that exist whose purpose is to help organize and conduct trips with a professional guide or team.  You may even be able to take your child along if he or she is old enough.

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