Creating A Daddy Hangout
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Creating A Daddy Hangout To Keep The Gang Out

Creating A Daddy Hangout

As much as you love your family, everybody needs a little alone time now and then. Your kids have your bedrooms, but where’s your chill-out zone? Where can you go at the end of the day after your boss has been screaming in everyone’s face and you just want to relax? If you don’t have an answer for those questions, then I think it’s about time you created an official ‘daddy hangout’ for yourself.


Whether it’s your partner, kids, friends or other family members, everybody has their private bubble, as we all need a moment to breathe now and then. You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting your own. You’ve earned it simply by being a dad, don’t worry. You don’t need to build an additional room or, on the other end of the scale, clear out a tiny closet to make space for yourself; you could convert your old garage if you needed somewhere to start building your man cave. Here are some suggestions as to how you should create this dad-only masterpiece.


Interior design

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to get the layout of your hangout just right, so don’t worry. However, you should make a sketch and a rough plan concerning the use of space available to you. You don’t want to be moving in a sofa and find it doesn’t fit or simply even up with an overcrowded room of furnishings which doesn’t quite offer the cozy, relaxing feel you were envisioning.


You need to plan out everything you want in the room and decide where it’s going to go; maybe you should take measurements of all the different objects which will be moved into this room, along with measurements of the room itself, in order to create an accurate sketch that can be scaled up to create a perfectly laid-out den. A man cave may be a place for laziness, but at least you can say you worked hard to create the place. Just make sure the design includes a ‘keep out’ sign to ward off intruders; that’s the most important part.

Creating A Daddy Hangout

The entertainment zone

This is, obviously, the most important element of your daddy hangout. You might come into the room to rest on the majority of evenings, but perhaps at weekend you’ll have a little more energy and want to make the most of your personal pad. Better yet, there are no restrictions on how many cool things you can have in there, as it’s a room dedicated to fun. In fact, most importantly, it’s a room dedicated to your idea of fun.


An american-made pool table would be a fun addition, as you might be feeling generous and want to share your hangout with pals or perhaps the family if you’re feeling particularly welcoming one weekend. You’ll probably want a TV so you can watch your favorite shows without anyone stealing the remote, so you could look into packages such as DIRECTV + internet, for example, as many providers cover the best of both worlds. You might even want to relive a little childhood nostalgia and get yourself a console you haven’t used in two decades or so.

Creating A Daddy Hangout

The chair

Arguably, the chair in which you’ll be watching TV, playing games or simply eating snacks from your personal mini fridge is going to be the centerpiece and focal point of the entire room. The chair will be your home away from home after a long day at the office or dealing with your screaming kids. You need to pick wisely, as comfort is key here.

Creating A Daddy Hangout

Heating and light.

As discussed throughout this guide, comfort is the key to the perfect daddy hangout. You need to ensure your garage, shed or whatever room you use is well-insulated and well-lit. If not, then your cold, dark room is going to feel more like a prison than a chill-out zone. Make it comfy if not comfier than your house.

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