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Support Church’s Chicken in Atlanta as They Help Our Community

This post is sponsored by Church’s Chicken but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Support Church's Chicken in Atlanta #ChurchsLovesAtlanta #adLet’s get one thing straight; I love being from the south and especially Atlanta. The reason I say that is because I’ve known many people that’re not from here talk down on it. When Atlanta comes to mind, right now people will talk about the Atlanta Falcons making the Super Bowl this year. For me, it’s much bigger than that because Atlanta has so much to offer. The history in Atlanta is well-documented and for a while, we were called the Motown of the South because of the music coming out of the city. Last, but not least, we all know that when you’re in the south, it’s all about the food. One place I love to dine at is Church’s Chicken because they have great food. I’ll stop by for lunch and also to get family meals all the time.

Church’s Community Support

I’ll be honest; when you usually hear about a company supporting the community; it’s not normally where I grew up. As I’ve gotten older and more in tune with what’s going on in the world, I see things clearer. Church’s Chicken has been a pillar in our community for many, many years, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. They are actually one of the, if not the only company that builds their stores in the community. With that, they’re not only giving us a great place to eat at considerable prices, but a chance to get jobs. Trust me when I say that, but sometimes you can’t get a job at other places because of stereotypes. They have gone as far as going into schools to show how important an education is. While visiting schools, they had job fairs to hire kids and even parents looking for work, that’s FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

Church’s For Lunch

Support Church's Chicken in Atlanta #ChurchsLovesAtlanta #adWho doesn’t love some good chicken? I know I love chicken and Church’s Chicken is where I love to pick up lunch. Right now, for the low prices of $3.99 you can get the Atlanta Meal Deal which is the 8pc shrimp and 5 Hush Puppy Bites. For me, I’ll grab the Atlanta Hawks $5 Deal, which is the same deal, but you get a drink and a cup of slaw with it.

Church’s For Dinner

Support Church's Chicken in Atlanta #ChurchsLovesAtlanta #adSupport Church's in Atlanta #ChurchsLovesAtlanta #adLet me come home and my family find out I went to Church’s Chicken earlier and didn’t bring any home? It’s full of guilt-trips, asking why I didn’t get them anything and mean mugs. Of course, I’ll go with the family meals for us all. With my family, I and my son will only eat white meat, and the ladies love the dark meat. Usually, I’ll order 2-10 piece meals with one being dark and the other being white meat. Let’s just say that we have to have the macaroni cheese and okra. My youngest daughter has to have fries no matter where we eat, and she loves Church’s Chicken fries.

Support Church's Chicken in Atlanta #ChurchsLovesAtlanta #ad As you can see, Church’s Chicken is known for their great food, but they’re a great company. They just don’t talk it, they be about it also as they involve themselves in the Atlanta community. Make sure you check out the video above or you can view it here and see how they value the community. All my fellow Atlanta residents make sure you show love to Church’s Chicken because they Church’s loves Atlanta.

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