My H20 Love Story
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Why We All Love Water? My H20 Love Story

The human body consists of more than 60% of water. That is probably why we, people, feel so good when we are in the water. Maybe it’s the sign that we all have a fish tail at the back of our subconscious! Whatever the reason, water is good for people, not only to drink and wash but also to maintain your fitness level and keep your body healthy. In short, there is no reason why you shouldn’t love water like a close friend. And while you are at it, don’t forget to make the most of it to train your body, build strong and lean muscles, get a clear mind, and bond with those who are around you.

Perfect For Dad/Kid Fun

When it comes to father/children relationship, water offers an ideal terrain for building intimacy, trust, and brilliant memories together. Taking your kids swimming, for example, is a great way of teaching them to trust the ability of their bodies – especially if they are beginners, they will be amazed by the floating ability of the body – and to help them to learn new skills. It’s also a great sport to practice together, as you can teach them a variety of moves in a perfectly risk-free environment.

My H20 Love StoryHow About Bonding With Nature?

If you want to investigate a new form of relationship with nature, via water, you should have a look at boating activities, using, for example, the guides from Whether you choose to use a boat for simple trips on the water or as part of fishing activities, you will soon find that you can build an intimate relationship with the sea or the ocean. Not that you will be able to hang out like old mates, but you will develop an understanding of the water, its waves and the life within. For many, this gives a sense of peace and respect for Mother Nature. The knowledge that the water that carries life in your body carries many other lives in the sea is a form of transcendental philosophy. Believe it or not, but for many fishermen this makes them feel part of something bigger in the world.

Swim The Sweat Away

My H20 Love StoryThe most common activity in water is swimming. When you are swimming for your own sake – this means when you are not taking the kids for a day out – you can find that there are a lot of advantages to this gentle activity. lists up to 8 advantages from burning calories to lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it’s one of few exercises that don’t make you feel sweaty, which is a significant bonus!

Get The Surfer’s Fitness Body

Finally, when you think of water, it is impossible not to think with envy about the lean and strong surfer’s body. It’s no wonder that the ladies appreciate the surfer’s physique a lot: Surfing develops your strength and your balance, forcing you to use your deeper muscles. That’s how surfers get so lean. If you are lucky enough to live by the water, you can certainly get a board and start your training on waves. If you don’t, there’s still the good old indoors workout to build a surfer’s body.

My H20 Love Story

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