Hidden Home Hells
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Hidden Home Hells You’ll Wish You’d Never Heard Of

Hidden Home Hells

You might think you know all the problems there are with your home. For instance, we’re sure you know about that broken gate around the side of the house. You’re probably planning on repairing it in your next weekend. How about that leaking faucet in the bathroom? All you need is a new section of U-pipe, and that will be right as rain. But, you may be surprised to learn that the biggest issues with your home are hidden. Unknown to you, there could be a number of issues in your property that will lead to an expensive repair, problems with your home value and even structural damage. So, what type of trouble are we talking about here? Well, there are a few issues that you might want to watch out for.

Holes in the Roof

The problem with the roof is that you may not notice the damage until it has caused a lot of further issues in the home. The reason for this is that the roof isn’t something that we tend to check regularly. Think about the last time you took a ladder and gave your roof a thorough inspection. Exactly, but the fact is a hole in your roof can cause a number of different issues. A bird could fly in and set up a nest in the attic. Or worse, a bat! You can check out DoItYourself.com to find out how to remove these unwelcome guests without expert help.


Then, there’s the trouble with potential leaks. Leaks in the roof will lead to damp areas in your home. Sure, it will start in the attic, but it will quickly lead to a damp patch growing across your ceiling. The problem is that by the time this happens, the damage is already done. You’ll need to spend a fortune fixing the problem. This is why you should make sure you are hiring a roof inspector after any heavy storms in your area. You won’t always notice a problem with a roof, but it could be there, causing problems until you get it fixed.

Bugs in the Walls

We all hate the idea of a home insect infestation. However, the problem with a bug infestation isn’t the fact that it’s there but rather that it might be there without you realizing it. Some bugs quickly exert their presence on your property. Do you want to find out if those bites on your back are from bed bugs? Just turn over your mattress. You’ll see the little black beasties crawling all over it, and if you don’t run out the house screaming at that point, you’re braver than us.


Other bugs, on the other hand, are far more subtle. They hide in the walls, chewing through the structure of your home quite happily. Yep, we’re talking about termites. You might eventually see the signs of termites with little holes in wood. But without an inspection, according to TermiteControlPlans.com, most homeowners will remain completely oblivious. That’s a problem because these little troublesome creatures can cause thousands in property damage.

Ghosts of The Past

Hidden Home HellsFinally, if you have an old home, you might find there is still asbestos in the walls and ceilings. Asbestos has recently been linked a number of dangerous diseases included cancer. Unfortunately, up until 1980 asbestos was still being used in the home for insulation. And there are current talks in the EPA right now to bring it back. As such, it is still an issue to consider. Left alone asbestos is harmless, but once the spores start leaking out, it can become a serious health issue. That’s why if a survey does reveal asbestos in your home you want to remove it as quickly as possible, no matter what the cost.

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