Party That'll Make You The Number 1 Dad
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Throwing A Party That’ll Make You The Number 1 Dad

Staying in your kid’s good books is no easy task as a parent. Given that your little one is growing and changing rapidly with each passing day, their fluctuating hormones seem to give them fluctuating opinions of you. That’s why, when something as important as your child’s birthday approaches, you really start to feel the pressure mount. You need to put together the perfect day for your kid; otherwise you fear that they’ll always remember this one birthday as a huge let down. If you’re wondering how to throw a party that’ll make you the number one dad, then here are some top tips to help you achieve that.

Party That'll Make You the Number 1 DadA surprise party

If your child loves surprises, then you could go the extra mile. I don’t mean jumping out from behind the sofa once they’ve come back from school; I mean surprising your child whilst they’re still at school. You could throw a small celebration for the birthday boy or girl with their classmates at lunchtime, granted that they’re not at the ‘embarrassed by the mere sight of my parents’ age. This is the perfect surprise, as nobody really wants to be at school or work on their birthday. You could really lift your child’s spirits and prove that you’re the number one dad by giving them a great birthday before they’ve even come home from school. If both parents can get lunchtime off, then this would truly make your kid’s day.

Party That'll Make You The Number 1 DadHomemade cake

You could buy a cheap store-bought cake or you could really blow your child and the kids away by baking your own. Nothing spells out ‘super dad’ like a cake which has been personalized to your kid’s tastes. You could really go overboard and sprinkle the cake with chocolate buttons, sweets and other treats that the children will love, as well as using icing to spell out ‘Happy Birthday, <name>’. It’s the small personal touches which show your kid that you care, and this is the best way to throw an awesome birthday party.

Party That'll Make You The Number 1 DadParty games

Kids don’t always want fancy venues when it comes to their birthday party; often, they just want to have fun with their friends. Playing traditional party games is the best way to keep everyone happy and not absolutely destroy your bank account. Musical statues pass the parcel and duck, duck, goose are all classics which span generations; kids never get bored of those games. Of course, there’s no reason that you can’t throw in something a little different to make the party memorable; karaoke is always fun, no matter your age, and you could check out sites such as Box Tiger Music for reviews on the best karaoke machines.

Party That'll Make You The Number 1 DadDIY projects

As well as saving you a huge amount of money, throwing a party revolving around DIY projects is the dream for any kid; that means the birthday child and their friends. Getting the kids to paint, make homemade forts or play games of their choosing will really help them hone in on their creative sides. Better yet, your child will be over the moon because their friends will love it too, and, as we all remember, the most nerve-wracking element of hosting a party as a child is ensuring your friends all have a good time too. Actually, I suppose that never really changes with age…


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