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Do You Like to Play Sports? Here’s The Best Gear for Intramural Sports

Whether you are part of the local rec team, a college student involved in your community, or part of your company office league, intramural sports are a great way to build camaraderie and let off some steam.  Intramural sports are a great way to get off the couch and get active, as well as a fun event to look forward to at some point in your week.  If you haven’t considered it before, seek out intramural teams to get plugged into so that you can make the most of your athletic enthusiasm.  Of course, you will also need the right gear to get you through. But before we start listing the appropriate gear for different intramural sports, there’s something you should know about. Without the proper gear, there’s a good chance that you may encounter certain traumatic injuries. So, according to the experts at Icon Medical Centers, it would be best to seek help from experienced medical experts who can help deal with such issues right away. That being said, read on to learn more about the right gear before you hit the pitch or field.


Baseball and softball are some of the most popular of intramural sports, particularly among the corporate world. It is a fun sport that requires physical strength and strategy alike.  Baseball often moves at an even pace, and allows for many breaks. To be a part of a baseball or softball league, you will need certain items, depending on your role on the team.  If you are the umpire, you will need to get the proper gear, such as a cage mask, helmet, chest protector, shin guards, and supporters.  All other players, however, will simply need the right pair of shoes, a decent baseball mitt, and a bat.  Find baseball bats at Baseball Monkey or other online retailers; buying online is almost always the cheaper option, and you can generally get items shipped to you within a few days.

Best Gear for Intramural SportsTennis

Tennis is a great option for those who enjoy sports in small groups.  Tennis can be played one-on-one, two-on-two, or even four-on-four.  Like baseball players, tennis players do not require a lot of gear.  All you really need is a tennis elbow racquet, and a set of tennis balls.  This makes for one of the cheaper intramural sport options.  You may, however, also want to invest in a tennis ball basket.  Many baskets allow you to collect balls through the large gaps in the wire frame—you simple place the basket over the ball and apply pressure for the ball to go in, hands free.


Bowling is an excellent sport for the laid-back personality.  To start a bowling league, you only need between three and four people to participate.  Serious bowlers have their own special bowling ball, which is customized with their favorite design and their desired weight.  You may also want to consider a wrist guard and your own bowling shoes if you are going to bowl rigorously for a long time. Some would say the best part of bowling is the team bowling jackets. Get custom bowling jackets made with traditional satin in a variety of bold colors; emblazon your jacket with your team name and desired logo to really make a splash.

Best Gear for Intramural SportsFlag Football

Flag football is a great way to revisit your glory days as the star football player in high school.  Shake off the rust and consider proper flag football gear to get you started.  Many leagues invest in plain colored jerseys, while others go all-out and get custom jerseys with their team name.  The most essential gear for flag football besides the football, however, is the flag belt.  The belt is used as a safe replacement for tackling.  Leave behind the aches, pains, and harmful injuries by using a flag football belt.  Flag football belts typically come in two varieties: simple detachable belts, and sound-emitting belts. Detachable belts are relatively cheap, and easy for the beginner. Sound-emitting belts are better for more technical play, as they establish downs.

Ultimate Frisbee

The game you played in college is not just for college anymore. Ultimate Frisbee is becoming one of the more popular sports among rec leagues and businesses alike. This sport is a combination of soccer and rugby, without all of the risk of injury. The most important piece of equipment is obvious—the Frisbee.  Surprisingly, Frisbees come in a variety of materials that help them soar higher and farther, or lower and faster.  You can even get glow in the dark or light-up Frisbees for nighttime play.

Intramural sports offer an avenue for fun, exercise, and social networking. Make sure you’re ready to play your best with the right gear and find yourself suited up and prepared for success.

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