How to Make the Most of Your Airport Layovers

How to Make the Most of your Airport Layovers

How to Make the Most of Your Airport LayoversThe long, mundane airport layover. We’ve all been there. Whether you’re traveling with the family or by yourself, layovers can be a total drag. But they don’t have to be if you make the most out of it. From entertainment and work to cultural exploration, here are a few activities you can partake in to utilize the layover downtime wisely.

Clean Out Your Inbox

There are two types of people in this world – one that has zero unread emails on the phone, and the other has at minimum, 100. Sound familiar? If you’re the one with all those unread emails, this could be the perfect time to go through your inbox, read, and delete all the junk, as well as unsubscribe to the multiple email newsletters you never read. Life gets pretty busy when you’re the man of the house, taking care of the wife and kids 24/7. So use this downtime to get rid of some of the clutter in your own personal life that’s piled up. It’ll help you reset and keep all your ducks in a row.


Has your dad bod been getting a bit out of hand lately? Well, this could be your chance to work off a bit of the beer belly. Get some cardio in and walk around the terminal to get the blood flowing. Or take a stroll outside the airport if there’s enough time in between your flights. You don’t need equipment to tone it up either. If your kids are with you, you can even do a mini-challenge and see who can do the most pushups or sit ups in the gate’s waiting area. It’s a cure for boredom and a better option than just lounging around.

 Stream Entertainment

Bust out the tablet and catch up on the latest show that’s all the rage. The Amazon Prime Video app lets you stream and download movies and shows directly on your mobile device. And with the game-changing 5G technology on the horizon, you can get increased access to connect from anywhere in the world—perfect for those on a layover in a different city. It’s the fastest, smoothest and most advanced connection out there and paving the way for extremely immersive experiences on mobile.

Get Work Done

Being on vacation doesn’t mean the work has to stop. Don’t let work accumulate during your trip. Small tasks, like responding to emails, can make a big difference. Instead of spending hours going through all the email communications you missed while you were away, this will allow you to get straight to work as soon as you get back to the office.

 Catch Up with Friends and Family

If you’ve been meaning to call old friends or extended family members to catch up, this layover is your chance. For those on an international layover who may not have calling or texting service available, download an app like WhatsApp. It’s a free video calling and messaging service that lets you make calls to any of your contacts whatever country you are in—all you need is a Wi-Fi or network connection.

Try a New Cuisine

Airports are filled with restaurants specific to the region. Why not try something new or go on a tasting tour of all the foods you’d never have a chance to try elsewhere. For those on an extended layover, venture outside the airport for truly local cuisine. It can be fun for the whole family and a culturally enlightening experience.

Take Family Pictures

It’s already a given that you’ll be snapping some shots of the family throughout the entire trip, but layover time is often forgotten as another chance to do just that. Perhaps there’s a mini museum in the airport your kids can explore for a great photo opp. Or, you can capture the first moment they bite into an exotic food from your tour de airport eatery. These are memories that will last a lifetime, so don’t pass up the opportunity to save them forever.


When was the last time you got a chance to just relax? Although you can fill your layover time with various activities, resting is actually a highly considerable one. Use this time to decompress from all the stresses in your life. Find an area of the airport to either sprawl out or just get some much-needed shut eye. Traveling is exhausting and this is a rare chance to rejuvenate and recharge.


You can make the most of your airport layovers in a multitude of ways. Use the time wisely by entertaining both yourself and the family, doing a bit of work, organizing your life, working on your fitness and cultural enlightenment, or simply just getting some rest.

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