Why is Entrepreneurship Simply Amazing?

EntrepreneurshipHave you ever felt that working for someone else is not your calling? Have you always dreamt of cashing in on your money-minting ideas? May be you have always wanted a corner office with a view of the city skyline…these are all symptoms of the entrepreneurship bug that has already bitten you. Entrepreneurship gives you the liberty to choose a life that you have always wanted. You can be your own boss and decide the course of your own business plan. However, with this tremendous sense of freedom comes a serious host of responsibilities. Even then, there are thousands of new companies that bloom every month. This makes us ask, why is entrepreneurship the best job-goal today?

Here are 6 genuine reasons why it is the way to go –

You have creativity that transcends the corporate environment –

Your thoughts and creativity is not one that can be bound by corporate limits. You are not someone who believes leashing their hopes and dreams with Windsor knots every morning. You may feel that you do not fit in, in a corporate office and that infuriates you. However, this is a symptom of business genius that needs to be tested in the real world. From Bill Gates to J.K Rowling everyone has had his or her quirks. These are the very qualities that have defined their presence and business policies later on. Most of the times, we see undying passion for business and a creative genius as the driving factors. You can learn more about successful businesses and their owners at http://getabstract.com/.

You don’t agree to the 9 to 5 lifestyle –

There is quite a bit of hype about the ways of the corporate lifestyle. The “Man Men” inspired dressing, drinking and partying. However, that is quite far from the truth. Most people who work in these offices do not even have the time to shower each day. Most of them keep a change of clothes in their office lockers or drawers for emergency stay-overs. Entrepreneurship does not enslave you within a 9 to 5 routine. We are not saying that you can work for 2 or 3 hours a day. We are saying that your days will not be mundane. You will have more flexibility and definitely more work at times to be fitted into a 9 to 5 routine. Anyhow, entrepreneurship will give you a sense of unpredictable thrill that is impossible at corporate jobs.

Your ideas are brilliant and unusual –

You have heard this time and again from friends, family and co-workers. Your ideas are not very “normal” and they can bring in sponsors, patents and tons of cash. You have been auditioning in Shark Tank ever since it premiered on TV, and you wish to be named with Jobs and Gates in the future. Well, imagination can actually take you everywhere and especially to the heights of success of your own business. Logic is a limiting factor in business. However, as long as you have your imagination and ideas, no one can stop you from fame and success.

You are not a talker but a doer –

You do not believe in just sitting and talking throughout the day. If you have heard of something new, you need to test it out. Ever since you were a kid, you loved to explore new possibilities and find new ways to solve a problem. You love to take chances and you are addicted to the sense of achievement. Entrepreneurs we know have a voracious appetite for success and adventure. If you can identify with these qualities that you are already, cut out to be an entrepreneur. In most of the cases, talent makes up for the lack of experience. In addition, this is quite true for most of the entrepreneurs we see reaping millions of dollars out there.

You love to learn new things –

You do not relate learning to age or school or time. You think, you can learn even from the most challenging moments of your life. You are never satisfied with what you have at hand. You are always on the move; exploring, discovering and learning new tricks of the trade. Every mega-successful entrepreneur is a kid at heart. They love to experiment with new possibilities and forge new paths for themselves. When they see a problem, they list down the positive things about it first. This is what distinguishes a good entrepreneur from a good employee. Anyone can describe an immediate challenge, but you can also identify what is good about it. While working on regular challenges you keep learning new things about it. Every hurdle is a teaching moment in your life. When life throws you a challenge, you see a new opportunity to learn something significant.

You want to do something for the world –

Many people keep daydreaming about making the world a better place (and some sing about it too). However, you have plans set aside to help improve the socio-economic structure, environment and even help sections of people out. You have heard people talk about the impracticality of your plans and discourage you for being too dreamy. However, you believe in the cause and your business plans clearly reflect the same values.


If you have scored 6 out of 6 here, then it is high time you started thinking about your entrepreneurial opportunities. Not everyone is cut out to be a corporate sector employee and if you are one of them, then we are really happy for you. This world needs independent thinkers who can change the face of business and online endeavors, as we know it right now. All in all, these are the 6 of the most common and real reasons people choose to become entrepreneurs and remain their own bosses.

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