Kendrick Lamar Releases New Album Damn
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Where Are My Hip Hop Fans? Kendrick Lamar Releases His New Album Damn

Kendrick Lamar Releases New AlbumKendrick Lamar said you all got to April 7th to get y’all shit together. He said that when he dropped The Heart Pt. 4 a few weeks ago, which everyone loved. After that he dropped his first single from the upcoming album, which was called Humble. The single received mixed reviews and apparently quite a few ladies took offense to some of the lyrics on the new track. Before the April 7th release date, the album was pushed back to April 14th. A few days ago, he previewed the album cover, track list and information pertaining to the album. To many surprise, he didn’t feature any of the TDE artists just Rihanna and U2. I’ll be honest; the album cover didn’t do anything for me, but I don’t focus on the artwork just the actual music. It’s April 14th and the album was released at midnight and here’s the tracklist.

  1. Blood
  2. DNA
  3. Yah
  4. Element
  5. Feel
  6. Loyalty ft. Rihanna
  7. Pride
  8. Humble
  9. Lust
  10. Love ft. Zacari
  11. XXX ft. U2
  12. Fear
  13. God
  14. Duckworth

I’m not one to call an album a classic or anything because I let it marinate for a while. As of now, I’ve listened to the album quite a few times and I’m digging it. There is a reason he’s my favorite artist now along with J. Cole and Rick Ross as of now. We don’t know why he waited until Good Friday to release him album, but there’s a rumor that he’s releasing another one. You heard correctly, there have been numerous theories about him being shot at the end of his album only to be resurrected in three days on Easter. Until then, you can purchase the album on iTunes, Amazon or any other outlet that sells music.


Have you checked out the album? If so, what do you think about it? If not, you can buy the album here.



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