Writing A Social Media News Release
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A Guide for Writing a Social Media News Release

Social media has become an integral part of contemporary business marketing. According to a Statista Report, there are 3.27 billion internet users and out of these, over 2.5 million are on social media. This means any brand that has no presence on social media is losing big. In the last year alone, the number of social media users has risen by over 176 million, again highlighting how important these platforms are, especially for businesses.

While these platforms initially launched with the goal of connecting family and friends, they have now been adopted in mainstream business marketing. A report by Pew Research Centre shows that 78% of adult Americans are on social media, with most users averaging 5 social network channels. The top social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Periscope and WhatsApp boast millions of daily users.  As such, every business owner should leverage these platforms to connect with their target audiences.

Leveraging Greater Visibility

In essence, if your brand is not visible on social media, it simply doesn’t exist. You might have the most impressive website but it is important to appreciate that users are now looking for interactive content which can only be found on social media. A simple search engine search for top brands will show you that social media websites are ranking higher than the brand’s home website and this highlights the importance of using social media to increase visibility.

One of the most important uses of social media is in disseminating timely information. If you have a new product or you want to send out a new message to your target audience, there is no better way to do it than by releasing it on social media. Facebook and Twitter have become the top tools for news releases and brands are now using these platforms to get the message to the target audience faster.

If you have not yet deployed social media for your news releases, it is time to get more insight on the same. This will help you make a smart decision which will not only promote your brand but also help you connect with a more relevant audience.

Social Media for Press Releases

A press release comes in handy in different situations. In the contemporary business environment, you have to appreciate the fact that your target audiences consume information on the go and they use it to make decisions.  At the same time, these audiences are also content creators and what they read about your brand online will form the gist of their next social media conversation. This is where a press release comes in handy.

A press release is instrumental in every online business because it offers the following:

  • Instant exposure
  • Increased sales potential
  • Boosts brand recognition
  • Resolves a media crisis
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • SEO benefits
  • Builds relationships with the media

By investing in a social media press release, you will be fusing two invaluable marketing tools and the synergy will boost your brand. Every online marketer wants to disseminate the right information as quickly as possible and by using the press release model on social media networks, you are able to reach a wider audience faster. Once the information starts circulating, there is no stopping the process.

For instance, if you are trying to deal with a crisis, there is no tool that is more effective than a press release. It helps give updates to your customers and correct any misrepresentations that are spreading. But there is more; if the press release is on social media, you are able to achieve your reputation management goals much faster. You may want to invest in personal reputation management. Those services include content removal, search results repair, reputation monitoring, identity theft protection, Wikipedia page editing, and more.

Here are some ideas that can help you write and launch the best press release campaign on social media:

  1. Evaluate your needs: You must have a goal when creating a press release. For instance, it could be based on the launch of a new product, dealing with a social media crisis, announcing a new appointment or clarifying an issue. Once you have this in mind, it becomes easier to start conceptualizing how the PR will be written.
  2. Consider the audience: It is important to understand that a press release does not target the media but rather, your audience. You should have a full understanding of your customers in order to determine the tone of your press release. Always write directly to the audience and target what they care about. If you are managing a situation that has gone wrong, make sure you are frank and work towards maintaining a good relationship with your customers and any other interested parties.
  3. The press release basics: A social media press release should have a catchy headline, secondary headline, overview of the message, body, facts from your company, multimedia links, relevant authority links and tags. It should be short and to the point and in case of reputation management, avoid being defensive or argumentative.
  4. Choose the right social media network: Every social media network has its own unique demographics. For instance, while Facebook still remains the most popular social media network, you will note that younger internet users are now using Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat more. Facebook attracts older users. As such, the platform you choose to launch your press releases should fit your target audience. If unsure, you can invest in social media training at media-minded.co.uk to find the best platform and also learn about different audiences that can be found on such networks.
  5. Leverage your brand name: Make sure you mention your brand name as this will attract users who have been following you on social media or if there was an earlier brand mention regarding the issue addressed in the press release.

It is important to make a social media press release as direct as possible. It should not be an overt attempt at reputation management but rather a message to clarify issues and rebuild relationships. It is important to include a quote or two from a reputable source within your business. It is also important to ensure that the press release is proofread before being posted on social media networks.



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