IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #ad
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The IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th! 5 Things I May Want to Cook

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IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #ad
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Hopefully you all learn about IMSA Racing during the weekend of March 15th. When it comes to racing events, they cover the entire weekend full of activities for the fans to enjoy. The Circuit of Americas event is from May 4th through the 6th with the championship race being on May 6th. IMSA Racing is known for racing on the best tracks in the world with the top drivers. What’s really cool is that it features the best car brands in the world to see who the best is. You have the likes of Audi, Acura, Aston Martin, BMW, Cadillac, Ferrari, Ford, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mercedes, Nissan, and Porsche in one race.

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #ad
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The event will take place in Austin, Texas and if you’re in that area, don’t miss this event. If you’re not attending the race, you can tune-in to the action on FS1 from 7pm-10pm ET, with the entire race simulcast on FOX Sports GO. With the race starting at 7pm, that means I’ll have all day to do what I need to do before that. No matter what sporting event I’m watching, it’s important to prepare for what foods to have while enjoying the race. Below are the five things I’m thinking about eating while watching the race.

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #adOne of my favorite foods ever has to be hamburgers. With the weather being nice, there’s nothing better than cooking burgers on the grill. Really, who doesn’t like hamburgers on the grill?

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #adIf hamburgers are my favorite food, then spareribs is probably a close second. The spareribs taste like heaven and something my family loves it when I cook them, which is pretty frequent. The only thing that may keep me from cooking them is that it takes about 2 hours to cook.

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #adDepending on the heat, I may want to stay inside and whip up something in the kitchen. One of the first things to come to mind is my homemade chicken wings. The only issue is that I have to buy so many of them and they’re not cheap.

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #adSince I got my Johnsonville Electric Grill, the Johnsonville Sausage has become a family favorite. With the sausage, sometimes I eat them by themselves or I’ll cut them up and put them in a salad.

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 6th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #adLast, but not least, I’m thinking about doing a fish fry. Usually I get some Whiting Fish and cook as many as possible because we’re always going back to get seconds.

IMSA WeatherTech Championship on May 5th #IMSA #AAPShowdown #adAre you ready for the IMSA Racing in Austin on May 6th? If you’re watching the race, what are your plans for the day? What foods will you be eating while watching the race? Out of the 5 foods I’m thinking of making, which one should I fix? Head to the comments section and give me some feedback.

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