Are Professional Sports As Good As They Used To Be?
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Are Professional Sports As Good As They Used To Be?

People have flocked to see football, rugby, tennis and a whole host of other professional sports played in huge stadiums for decades upon decades. A combination of raw talent and an electrifying atmosphere created by an excited crowd has led to cultures across the world becoming obsessed with different breeds of professional sports. Still, as the world changes and people’s lives or interests seem to shift or transform into something new, are sports adapting to meet the demands of the modern world? Here are some thoughts on the ways in which professional sports may or may not be as good as they used to be in the present era.

Are Professional Sports As Good As They Used To Be?

Soaring ticket prices

Much like industries across the world, huge corporations have started to pull the strings behind most sporting associations, especially in the world of European football, and the simple increase in pricing has entirely shifted the economy with regards to fans attending live games. When the working class can’t afford to see their favorite team, the stadiums start to look a little sparse and devoid of their most avid supporters, which seems to have led to a widespread “feeling” that a lot of the passion has disappeared from professional matches because of the priced-out fanbase.


Still, this isn’t always the case. For example, you could consider getting some cheap Anzac Day AFL tickets if you’re looking to score some top seats for the game this year. There are always ways to get better deals on tickets for your team, whatever the sport may be, and sometimes it involves waiting for the right moment or sometimes it might involve buying a season ticket rather than paying for occasional matches. The real reason that stadiums may look a little sparse during some football games, or games for other sports, may be for the following reason…


I mentioned the huge costs involved with seeing sports lives, but the prices TV companies charge sports fans to even watch games at home has also reached astronomical heights. It’s no wonder, then, that changes in terms of technology have opened new avenues to sports fans which can save them money. Live streaming, often on an illegal basis for free, has caused huge problems for TV companies and changed the face of watching live, professional sports. Whether this has cheapened the feeling of the game is hard to say, as mates may still gather to watch the game but just through a different medium than they used to. Personally, I think this has at least saved the culture of watching live sports at home, as prices for official sports TV channels become ridiculous.

Are Professional Sports As Good As They Used To Be?

Apathy towards the sport

A lot of folk have become apathetic towards professional sports because the simple fact that each season seems to mirror the last is all too hard to avoid. When there’s nothing unique left to watch in the sport, it’s hard to convince yourself to keep watching. Hours and hours of near-identical footage can lead many to disassociate themselves with the sport as soon as it becomes too monotonous.


Still, it’s hard to say whether this makes professional sports worse than they used to be; it simply makes them the same as they’ve always been but part of a new world with new technology. At the end of the day, sports are a part of culture, and they help give cities a name. Those who breed positivity and community are the true sports fans, as that’s what it should all be about; if that’s maintained, then it will keep professional sports “good” forever.

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