Using Groupon Saved Money
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Using Groupon Saved Money From These 4 Places

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Using Groupon Saved Money

As a father of 3 teenagers, one thing I like to do is save money. This past year has been hectic with the expenses of my son’s senior year and still having two girls with needs. Going into his senior year I’ve heard how expensive things could be. Let’s say that all the stories are true and worse than expected, but we wanted him to enjoy his senior year. Since I was spending so much money in one area I had to find ways to save in others. Seeing that my daughter’s love shoes and clothes, turning to Groupon was needed. One thing all dads with daughters will tell you and that they love to shop. Below are 4 stores my daughters love shopping at and the deals available through Groupon.

Finish Line

My oldest daughter loves to keep up with her kick game and Finish Line is her go-to store. As a matter of fact, we bought her a pair of shoes and we went through Groupon for a coupon code. They have codes you can us online or in-store and you can save a certain amount of money or get a percentage off. As of now, there’s a total of 61 coupons and codes available.

Best Buy

Having 3 teenagers that loves technology and being a blogger, we normally keep up with the latest in technology. Best Buy has always been our go-to place for our laptops, tablets, video games, TVs and computer programs. Last month I upgraded my laptop and used a $100 coupon. The money I’ve saved have been well into the hundreds and they even have codes for college students. As of now, there’s a total of 134 coupon or codes available.


My house is about five minutes away from Walmart and I’m always shopping there. Walmart has always been my go-to place whether its groceries, auto needs, clothing or dog food. Normally I’m going with Groupon codes or coupons multiple times a week. They have multiple codes or coupons available from Mother’s Day Gifts, electronics and grocery items you can use. As of now, they have a total of 89 coupon or codes that you can use.


I’ll never consider myself a sneaker head, but I’ve always kept a pair of Nike’s on my feet. They have always been my favorite shoe, but I rock anything that looks good though. My kids have followed in my footsteps and when we’re not shopping at a sports store we go directly through Nike. I’m always on the lookout for great deals on shoes and now they have a sale up to 50% off on Men’s shoes. Usually I can get some shoes from Jordan, Kobe, Roshe’s or Air Max for a discounted price. As of now, Nike have a total of 85 coupons or codes available to be used.


Who likes to save money? Have you ever shopped through Groupon before? If so, where are some places you like to shop and what deals have you got? If not, you need to check it out and see all the stores you could be saving money.



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