Start and Maintain A Powerful Daddy Blog

5 Tips to Start and Maintain a Powerful Daddy Blog

Start and Maintain A Powerful Daddy Blog

When it comes to blogging, moms beat dad’s hands-down. In fact, it is not even worth comparing the two because mothers’ blogs are a force to reckon with. The idea that a dad can sit and create content about parenting might sound frivolous but you will be surprised by the number of dads reading about parenting. Of course, dads sneak into mothers’ blogs to try and get hints because after all, most men don’t know a thing about parenting.

Well, if you have been thinking about starting a daddy blog, you should get ready to do some heavy lifting. Of course, you are inspired by popular blogs such as How to be a Dad, Out with the Kids (OWTK), 8BitDad, and Designer Daddy among others, but you need to appreciate that a lot of hard work has gone into their success. Creating a daddy blog is easy and fast but gaining relevance in the niche is the hard part.

Below is a guide to help you get started on this exciting journey:

Research and Understand Your Audience

Before you build your blog, make sure you read around and see what is available. Even some of the most popular daddy blogs have shortcomings and if you want to become the best, you have to offer something better. Read what other dads are saying on these blogs and you will start forming a foundation for your blog.

What Is It You Like About Being A Dad?

Truth be told, most dads are like deer in the headlights; they are confused and don’t know what is coming next. They can’t easily share these experiences on any other parenting blog but they can if your blog is available. It is important to blog about authentic experiences about fatherhood because this will resonate with many people. Remember, the best thing about parenting is the challenge that later offers a reward.

Share As Much As You Can

Truth be told, some experiences can be overly embarrassing but why blog if you are not ready to share everything? The reason mom blogs reign is the fact that they go all out and share everything. Tell about your tribulations, triumphs, learnt tricks, and new products in the market and you will find that many dads were just waiting for your inspirations to come out and tell more.

Let the Blog Name Stand Out

Single Dad Laughing, High Tech Dad, GenXDaddy, The Daddy Files; creative titles for the best daddy blogs. Don’t just go for a plain name but instead find something that is inspiring and promising. Your blog name should stand out and show your intent to become a serious blogger.

Talk about Trending Issues

So there is a dangerous online game doing rounds? Or maybe hackers are targeting kids to steal their parents’ personal information? All these are topical issues that parents are worried about and sharing them will help you reach a wider audience. Suggest ways for fathers to protect their kids.

Whatever you do, make sure you are consistent and remain relevant. You can invite guest bloggers who are already renowned in the niche to extend your reach.

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