Man Cave or Comfy Cave
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Your New Hangout! Man Cave or Comfy Cave?

It’s no secret that every guy needs just a little bit of space to hang out in. Even, if it’s just a corner of the room that we can take over. A bit where we can show off what we love, do what we adore or just go and get some chill time. Some of us make do without it, but the majority of us can’t. Then there are those who have the pleasure of owning their own man cave – but what are the recommended things to go in there?

Man Cave or Comfy Cave


Let’s get one thing straight here – a television is not just for gaming. Nowadays, they can be used for all sorts. You can hook them up to your smartphone, get them connected to the internet to stream movies directly there and, y’know, they’re actually quite good for just watching television on. They’re quite an essential when you’re trying to create a little space for you to do what you want with. Some even can just hook up as a bigger monitor than the screen that you’re currently doing your work on. It’s pretty impressive when you think about it and how far technology has advanced for it to allow us to be able to do this.

Man Cave or Comfy Cave

Sofa – Sofa Bed – Bed?

There always needs to be a good place for you to sit. Whether you are gaming, reading, hanging out with friends or just getting a bit of ‘me’ time, the thing that you choose to sit on could potentially make or break the general vibe of it all. If you have taken over the spare room, make sure that you go to a place like ChooseMattress to pick the comfiest thing that you will be sitting or lying on – memory foam mattresses are usually the best choice in this instance. It’s also good to have a nice option for whenever guests come over to stay and need a place to sleep.

Giving them the best quality that you can afford for the long-run can be a game changer in hosting tactics. Or, if you find that it’s too good for where it’s situated, swap it with the mattress in your bedroom – you’re making the best of both worlds!


You don’t realize how much space that you’re going to need in places other than the floor or on tables until you have the things to put there. Putting up shelves means that you have the opportunity to put on display whatever you need to, or have things within handy reaching distance. This is especially important if you have things that you need to keep out of the way of small hands; figurines, expensive artifacts or even just magazines and comics that haven’t really seen the light of day (and never will).

You need to think about the place that you have claimed for yourself and it potentially having to be turned back into something of use for the whole family. Shelves are good. They add value and are good to utilize. So make good use of them while they’re there, and if you end up having to give away the space then at least they can be put to use in another way.

Man Cave or Comfy Cave


It’s not just video games consoles that you need to think about. If you are going to be inviting friends over, try and think about things that everybody can get involved in. And here, you’ll have to include kids as well. You won’t be able to fully keep your children out and away from you, and using this an excuse to play games that you loved playing when you were a kid can be quite good fun. Think back to the classics like Monopoly, Battleship and Connect 4. You could even throw in a couple of brain teasers.

Of course, these things can all be adapted to whatever you want them to be when you’re with your friends; drinking games, dare games, or even just a variation on what you’re playing. Having backup for when things get boring is always the way to go. This doesn’t mean that games consoles are out of the question – you could turn it into a gaming den if that’s what you fancy. Just make sure that you have a really good setup to lose yourself in rather than something that you’d intentionally avoid at somebody else’s house.

Man Cave or Comfy Cave


If you’ve got the room for it, then investing in a mini-fridge to pop in the corner for instant refreshment whenever you need it could be extremely beneficial. It’ll certainly stop you from venturing downstairs unnecessarily when you’ve got everything within reach. If your partner’s not convinced, simply telling them that you can stay up there with no need to bother them for X amount of hours will probably see them handing over their credit card and paying for it them. When you’re a parent, it can be quite hard to find the alone time that you crave.

You’re either with at work, with kids or with your partner – which, while it sounds like an ideal setup, isn’t something that gives you time to yourself to think, relax or do whatever else you need to do. This offers the perfect solution.


What’s a man cave without the friends to show it off to? It can go one of two ways with a proper man cave; it’s either a place for you to work out, so full of gym equipment, or a place for you to completely get away from the thought of having to put your body through any sort of turmoil whatsoever. The one way that is guaranteed to do the latter is to invite friends round to enjoy the space with you. Coming from a more financial point of view, it can be a lot cheaper to do this than to go out to a bar or restaurant with your friends. Simply bring the party inside and catch up on what you’ve got to catch up on with no expense.

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