Kid's Clothes More Affordable
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Making Your Kid’s Clothes More Affordable

Having and raising kids is an adventure that’s like no other, and breathes more happiness and self-reflection into our lives than any other experience can. However, there’s one big downside to being a dad: providing the best life possible for your kids can get very expensive very fast! Like most parents, you’ve probably discovered that one of the biggest expenses you have to cover is buying clothes for your children. If this is becoming too much of a strain on your household budget, fortunately there are various ways around it. Follow these tips, and you’ll easily be able to avoid spending a small fortune on your kids’ wardrobe.

They Grow Up So Fast

If you’ve been a dad for a couple of years, you’ve probably been pretty amazed at how fast your kids are growing. To us grown-ups, it seems that one day they’re crawling around in diapers speaking in babbles, and the next they’re running haphazardly around the house declaring that everything’s “mine”. A tricky part of this phenomenon is that they grow out of their clothes seemingly in the blink of an eye! Most parents will have a pile of barely-scuffed sneakers somewhere in the house, as kids’ feet seem to grow an inch every time you turn around. The point here is that you should avoid putting too much emphasis on making sure things are a good fit, and even make a point of buying a size or two up for your child. The savings won’t be immediately obvious, but over time can make a real difference. Hopefully, your kids won’t be fashion conscious enough already to kick up a fuss!

Rent for Occasions

Kid's Clothes More Affordable

Renting things is generally more expensive than owning them, true. However, when it comes to the dress your two-year-old is only going to need for a big family occasion, and will probably never wear again, the “price per wear” ratio is going to change dramatically. When your child has a wedding or a christening to go to, formal dresses and suits can be pricey. Instead, go to rental companies and opt for new or nearly-new outfits.

Beware the Cute Bug

If you’re bitten by the cute bug when you’re out on a shopping trip, it can burn a massive hole in your pocket. While moms are more prone to it than dads, we all get bitten by the cute bug from time to time. You’ve probably witnessed at least one parent who came across toddler-sized chucks or Vans, and decided they were so cute they had to fork out for them. While you should get your fill of being able to dress your kids up while you can, try to avoid the bite of the cute bug as often as possible, unless the piece in question is a real bargain. When it comes to shoes, your kid really only needs a couple of pairs: some sneakers for day-to-day wear, and desert boots for any outings in the woods. Swap those boots out for some sandals when summer comes around, and you’re pretty much done. The point here is making sure you get the most use out of the clothes before your kid outgrows them.

Discover Coupon Websites

Kid's Clothes More Affordable

If you’ve tended to stay away from couponing, thinking that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, it’s time to turn that around. These days, it’s become easier than ever to keep track of the latest coupons for all kinds of stores, including kids’ clothes retailers. Just check out these awesome Bergner’s coupon codes for one example. While some platforms are certainly better than others, it won’t take long for you to find a good coupon website or app where you can get access to some incredible discounts. Some apps will even allow you to set up alerts that will buzz your phone whenever a particular item or brand goes on sale. The more you get used to it, the easier it will be for you to snap up bargains before they disappear.

Be a Little Creative

Another excellent way of clothing your children for less is getting creative, and finding ways to re-purpose old clothing. When your kid’s legs get too long for those bootie pajamas just cut off the bootie parts. Your toddler won’t mind their feet sticking out for the six months of growing they have left. You can even make your own onesie extenders, which for a very low price; can be used to add a whole other size to your kid’s wardrobe. Other examples of getting creative for a cheaper child’s wardrobe are re-purposing the sleeves of old sweaters into arm warmers. There are all kinds of ideas you can use to make your kids’ clothes last for longer; you just need to get into a creative mindset to find them.

Take Care of Their Clothes

Kid's Clothes More Affordable

Obviously, with the curious nature of toddlers, and all the energy they have to burn, it can be much easier said than done to make sure their clothes last for as long as they can wear them. However, if you do your best to take good care of the clothes you buy, it can stretch out the money you’ve spent on them, and also keep them in a decent, wearable condition for passing them down to your child’s younger siblings. If a big, red spaghetti stain managed to dodge the bib, then treat it as soon as possible. Weather treat your child’s shoes and boots to make sure they don’t wear through too quickly. Make a point of washing clothes in cold water, and then drying them on a low heat setting. Even better, hang the clothes up and let them dry the old-fashioned way. We know, you’ve got a lot to take care of with the child themselves! However, getting into good habits for maintaining your kids’ clothes is an excellent way to make your money go further.


If your children’s clothes were becoming a big drain on your money, use these tips to turn it all around!

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