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8 Tips to Extend Your Gadgets’ Life

8 Tips to Extend Your Gadget's Life

Most of us are familiar with this problem: a couple of months after buying a new gadget, it starts to work a lot slower, turning off from time to time for no apparent reason. Quite often it’s our own fault. That’s why we came up with a list of tips for you, by following which, you’ll be able to extend the life of your smartphone and laptop.

1) Clean your notebook regularly

Over time, your laptop’s performance becomes slower, the device starts to heat up quickly, making noise, and dust and small debris settle on its motherboard. To avoid serious breakdowns, don’t forget to clean your laptop from time to time. Experts recommend doing this at least once a year and a half. If you have the right skills to work with small parts, you can clean your gadget yourself; however, to avoid possible damage or loss of important parts, it’s better to turn to professionals’ help.

2) Learn how to utilize your laptop properly

Before you start working with the laptop, make sure that its ventilation holes are not covered and have direct air access. Otherwise, the device may overheat and quickly fail. Besides, those who love working with their laptops in bed should buy a special stand or table to protect the ventilation holes from all the dust, debris, and wool from pets that accumulate on soft surfaces.

3) Watch where you put your smartphone

Carelessly throwing your smartphone into the purse, or sending it to the pocket, we usually don’t think about all that dust, dirt, and small debris that often accumulates there and quickly clogs the open ports of the smartphone. Over time, such a careless attitude can lead to problems with the microphone and proper work of the earphones and the charger. To avoid possible breakdowns, wear your smartphone in a separate pocket or buy special plugs that will protect the holes from dirt.

4) Don’t forget to clean the connectors and ports

The most common cause of smartphone connectors’ failure is their clogging. Therefore, if your smartphone’s charger, microphone, or headphone jack has stopped working or started to work intermittently, try cleaning them. You can do this with any suitable non-sharp or non-metallic object.

5) Temperature conditions

Despite that laptops are considered portable devices, you shouldn’t carry them with you all the time. Serious temperature changes can disable even a high-quality device. That’s why try not to expose your laptop to high temperatures or direct sunlight. If it was kept in cold for some time, allow the device to adapt a little to the new temperature conditions. It should be noted that the most serious threat to laptops is water. You should avoid using your device in the bathroom, as high humidity can provoke the oxidation of its components.

6) Charge the battery in time

The batteries of most modern smartphones and tablets usually have a limited number of complete discharges. Often this number varies between 400 and 600. Therefore, every time the smartphone battery gets completely discharged, the gadget’s service life gets reduced. So, if you want your smartphone to live longer, don’t wait until it’s completely discharged. The best option is to connect the charger when the charge indicator approaches 10-20 percent.

7) Proper charging

Don’t charge the laptop battery up to 100 percent every time. Connect the power supply when the charge indicator shows 40 percent, and disconnect it at around 80. This will greatly increase the battery life.

8) Drain your laptop’s battery completely

Drain your laptop’s battery to the last percent at least once every two months. This will allow the gadget to get information about battery health.


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