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9 Extreme Sports Made Better By Buddying Up

Doing something sporty by yourself can be good. But as with most experiences, they’re better shared. This applies to extreme sports more than anything else. Going out and taking risks by yourself might be a lot of fun, but it’s far better when you’ve got somebody to talk to afterward when the adrenaline is pumping. Here are some extreme sports that are better done in twos.


If you’ve ever been skiing, you’ll know that it can be a nerve-wracking and dangerous experience. Often, you’re on a narrow piste with sheer drops either side and no crash barriers. What’s more, if your skills aren’t up to scratch you can often end up crashing into other people and not stopping in time. Even if you’re an experienced skier, things can still go wrong. Just look at what happened to Michael Schumacher when he decided to go off piste. He’s still recovering from his injuries. With that said, so long as you stick to the appropriate routes, you should be okay. What’s more, you and your buddy will be able to pay a visit to the ski cafe after you’ve done a few rounds and enjoy a nice schnitzel and pomme frites.


Extreme Sports

If you love being out on the open water, then windsurfing is a great extreme sport for you to try out. Of course, if you do decide to give it a go, you’ll have to make sure that you’ve got all the right equipment. Windsurfing isn’t something that you can do on the cheap. However, once you’re out on the open water, you suddenly see why it’s worthwhile. You get so see the magnificent coastline and travel as far as you like, all under the power of the wind (which can be strong in some parts of the world).


When you think about extreme sports, caving isn’t usually the first thing you think of. However, caving is an extreme sport in many respects, mainly since it’s so claustrophobic. When caving, you’re often surrounded by meters and meters of rock. Even worse, some gullies are only a couple of feet in diameter (often less) meaning that you’ll need to get comfy with being in tight spaces.

Extreme Sports

Of course, not only is it better to have a buddy with you while caving, but it’s also necessary if one of you gets into trouble. Caving requires nerves of steel, so it’s usually a clever idea to have somebody else with you for moral support. Dry caves are best for beginners, but advanced cavers often travel to caves with a mixture of both dry and wet. Often the cave chambers themselves are only accessible after swimming through underground lakes and water-filled chasms. If you plan on doing this sort of thing, you’ll need underwater breathing equipment and a guide, just in case the water level in the cave is cyclical, depending on the tide.

Glacier Hiking

Glacier hiking is a little different to regular hiking. Here the aim is to explore the world’s few last remaining wildernesses, all of which are icy cold and extremely remote. Adventuring alone is a bad idea in these conditions, and so you’ll want to bring somebody else with you who has experience of this type of activity. Many people on glacier expeditions wear “expedition suits” which are whole-body suits ideal for chilly weather and biting winds of up to minus 50 degrees Celsius.

Tandem Kayaking

If river rapids are more your thing, you can try tandem kayaking. Like tandem biking, tandem kayaking involves strapping two people to a boat and having them both paddle to keep the boat on going on the right course. The best tandem kayak adventures are those that challenge both occupants and help build skills. They’re also a wonderful way to do kayaking. You get to chat with your buddy while you’re out on the river, plus tandem kayaks tend to be a lot faster and more capable than regular kayaks.


In the past, one would turn up at a trail center and expect a cafe and a few trails shooting off in different directions into the surrounding wilderness. But as zip-lining has grown in popularity, zip-lining locations have opened all over the country.

Extreme Sports

People love zip lining for many reasons. But perhaps the most important is the fact that you’re hurled along at more than 50 mph over 600 feet across giant gorges. It’s a fantastic way to experience the thrill of high-speed travel while also being able to enjoy being a part of nature.


Skydiving has been the quintessential extreme sport for decades now. You and your buddy set off in a plane and jump out with parachutes on your back. It’s that simple. What’s cool about doing it as a pair is that you get to have a chat on the way down or play games. If you’re just starting out, it’s probably best to jump with an experienced instructor strapped to your back. You don’t want any parachute malfunctions.

Storm Chasing

It might not be storm season in the US for a while, but that’s no reason why you and your buddy can’t begin thinking about having your first storm chasing trip. Storm chasing became a thing when people first started seeing images of hurricanes and tornadoes making their way across the southern prairies on TV. Many wanted to see the storms up close and personal themselves, equipped with a 4×4 and a set of cameras to capture the experience. Going and chasing regular storms can be a lot of fun, though you might want to think twice before heading towards a category five.

Tree Camping

Finally, if you want to camp in the forest but not get inundated by creepy crawlies in the night, then you and your buddies might want to try tree camping. Here your tent is suspended above the ground, and you effectively sleep in a cocoon under a makeshift canopy.

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