DIY Must-Haves

Are You About to Start A Project? DIY Must-Haves Before You Start

If you’re like a lot of Dads, you might only DIY when you’re in the right mood. That flash of inspiration leads to excitement that leads you out to the shed or garage or basement. The trouble with DIY whims is you’re often unprepared, lacking a plan, and working without the right kit to get the job done right. Not only could this lead to huge disappointment with a poor outcome, but it could be downright dangerous. Here’s a quick kit list that you should have stowed away ready for your next flash of inspiration:


No, they may not do much for your sex appeal. And no, they don’t do much to improve your vision either. But they could save your sight. It doesn’t take much to damage an eye. And any damage could lead to sight loss. Beyond the initial pain of an eye injury, long term damage might mean you can’t drive. You might not be able to perform all your working tasks or see your beautiful kids clearly anymore. Buy a pair, hang them up, and always wear them. If you’re planning something like welding and you haven’t done it before, you might be better calling in the pros.

DIY Must-Haves


Steel toe boots are essential whatever you’re doing, especially if you’re doing it with power tools or heavy items. These days, work boots look and feel a lot more like regular shoes, like those at, so no excuses! Don’t care if you lose a toe? Your kids might be traumatized if they’re the ones to find it. Protect your feet properly. Wear sensible socks that allow your feet to breath, especially if you’re balancing on ladders or scaffold.


If it’s not you are doing the laundry, then don some overalls. Getting paint, grease, oil, and other stains out of clothes are probably your least favorite tasks. So, put on the protective wear and save that tee for another day’s wear. Overalls can also protect your skin. High-quality covers will prevent those odd cuts and grazes that hurt like blazes. You might even spare yourself a deep wound if the overalls are heavy duty. Going somewhere dirty? Use the overalls!

DIY Must-Haves


Excellent quality light is essential for any job you’re doing. If you can’t see the detail, then your workmanship can’t be as high quality as you would like. Keep fresh batteries, or a rechargeable torch charged up for the next time you feel like getting a DIY project underway. Those with a magnet on the back and a hook are very handy when you haven’t got a friend to hold it up for you too. LEDs are very bright and white and tend not to drain those batteries too much. And no, you shouldn’t use your phone as a torch for DIY unless it’s safe and snug in a ruggedized case.


DIY is a lot of fun, and it’s also a lot of challenging work. You don’t have to be motivated to do it every weekend. But when that fleeting moment of fancy takes you, be prepared.

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