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No More Reps! Easier Ways To Get Your Kid To Work Out

Do you ever think about what kind of a man or woman your baby is going to be? If you worry about the increasing amount of young kids that gorge on fast food and sugar-filled drinks, you are not alone in this world. It is so important to get our kids into the right habits from the get-go. With more opportunities for our kids to sit in front of their screens, playing video games, watching TV, or just swiping back and forth on their phones, we must strike while the child is young to get any sort of health or fitness regime into their lives. And for the clear majority of dads who would rather sit on our behinds or get writing thesis help, this is for you too! Let’s make some ways for you to get exercising with your kids.

Make Exercise Fun!

Get Your Kid to Work Out

Kids won’t fall for a 45-minute workout of hell being fun, but you can get kids to play instead. The trick to making kids work out is to fool them into not realizing they’ve done some exercise. Games, playing, even some video games require a bit of physical activity. Think about it, there is much more motivation for a kid to run away from whoever is “it” instead of doing five more pushups!

Go Outside!

Kid to Work Out

For children who have a sedentary lifestyle, you can’t expect them to start running marathons, that isn’t good for them at all! Instead, start off by walking. It’s a great introduction to cardio, and it is good for digestion. Kids will get bored easily of walking because what’s interesting about nature, eh?! But once their base level of fitness is better, going biking is a more exciting option. E-bikes are popular, and makes like bh bikes are very light, making e-bikes a good choice for young kids. Bikes are a wonderful way to get an all-around level of fitness, and they should form a staple part of your home life. Those families who ride their bikes together may certainly look annoying, but they’re spending time as a family, and reducing their chances for a heart attack at the same time! Who’s annoying now?

Sports, Sports, Sports!

Kid to Work Out

You want your kids to play sports anyway, even if it’s golf! But the fact is that any type of sports activity is going to benefit them in a physical and mental way, so getting your kids to join a peewee football team or basketball or gymnastics or ballet, is going to give them that base level of fitness that they will hopefully keep up their entire life. And yes, ballet may be a bit “girly” for your son, but your boy may get the flak for it, but he’ll be stronger than half of the football team combined, seriously, so get over yourself! Too many kids shy away from sports for fear of looking stupid, but if you can get them hooked on exercise in a small way early enough, they’ll feel better for it, and you can be proud you’ve managed to steer them away from their tablet for an hour!

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