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What You Need to Know Before Buying an Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pool

Having a pool in your backyard is the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. There are few greater pleasures in life than the gratification you get by gliding outside on a hot Georgia day and lounging in the refreshing waters of your own pool, all while in the comfort and privacy of your yard. A pool is a status symbol, and it proclaims to the world that you appreciate extravagances, embrace leisure, and recognize the importance of relaxation. It is a place for family and friends to gather. A home with a pool is the epicenter of neighborhood barbecues, after-school gatherings, and late night soirees. People will be vying for an invitation to your house so that they can cannonball into its depths of crystal clear water. No adult or child wants to miss out on the intoxicating joy which comes when Memorial Day rolls around, and it is officially swimming season.

When you initiate the buying process and start to browse for pools, the options may seem endless, but there are two critical factors to consider before you purchase; cost and permanence. An above ground pool is a panacea compared to the expense of in-ground pools. You still get all the outstanding benefits but at a fraction of the price. Plus, above ground pools are much more temporary if you want to change it in the future.

Nowadays, people are getting more and more creative with their deck and patio spaces, creating entire outdoor areas focused around the pool. Here are just some of the inspirational architecture and landscape designs that can be implemented when you decide to buy and install an above ground pool on your property. Design and layout combinations are limited only by your imagination. After you decide to purchase an above ground pool, there are multiple factors you need to consider.


Prepare the site where you are planning on installing the pool. Make sure you check building codes and ensure proper clearance from trees and overhead wires.

Above Ground Pool

Contact the county to have electric, gas, and water lines marked before you do any digging and then create a flat surface so the pool can sit on a level foundation. Peregrinate over the area and note any potential hazards. Finally, you will want to treat the ground on which the pool will reside. Prime the soil with a material like cement sand which is a more stable alternative than beach sand because it is less likely to erode. According to Bob Villa, “Because you are dealing with lots of moisture, it is also a good idea to treat the area where the pool is going with a non-petroleum-based fungicide. Spending a little extra time prepping the site could save you some major headaches down the road.”

Filtration Matters

Every pool needs a high-efficiency filtration system, so the water remains clean and is regularly circulated. Filtration is of importance for pools getting consistent usage during the hot Atlanta summers. A variable speed pump is an efficient choice because it allows you to control how much power you use to keep the water clean. With pumps, there are three standard types; sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth (DE). DE filters are known for their superior filtration and are a great option if you plan to use well water in your pool.

Maintenance Matters

In addition to filtration, keeping your pool purified and free of debris is important to sustain its functionality. Furthermore, testing the water’s chlorine (or salt) and pH levels are mandatory for a clean and safe swimming environment. The pH levels of a pool should be between 7.4 and 7.8. During colder months cover the pool to keep it performing at its best.

Above Ground Pool
Source: recwarehouse.com

Since you now know what is involved with the installation of an above ground pool, it is time to pull the trigger and make the purchase. When it comes to buying an above ground pool, there is only one option for who to trust, Rec Warehouse. Rec Warehouse is the largest seller of above ground pools in the Southeast. They have three Atlanta locations all staffed with professionals who have the knowledge and experience to help you better understand the purchase process and the necessary steps for maintenance after installation.

Rec Warehouse has been selling above ground pools since the 1970’s, and they pride themselves on “selling fun for less.” They have the area’s most prolific selection of above ground pools, all at affordable prices. Plus, they are known for providing the best quality and service in town. When you are ready to make your dreams of having your own pool a reality, consult the above-ground-pool experts at Rec Warehouse.

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