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Billy Vietlanta Releases Viva Soul for Music Monday

Billy Vietlanta

It’s been a while since I got the chance to feature something for Music Monday. It’s been a little over two months to be exact, but with the help of the homie, Rod McCoy here’s something new. My homie is the CEO of Audible Hustle and has a ear for good music and talent. He introduces Billy Vietlanta and below is a little more about his Viva Soul project.


“Viva Soul” from Billy Vietlanta instantly captures listeners as spews rhymes over jazzy, mid-tempo production. Making declaration of his obvious commitment to the journey of hip-hop emergence, the purple tape is packed with subtle lyricism and wavy production similar to that of Harry Fraud, Cardo and Ski Beats.

An 11 track package, each song is strong from start to finish and in between. Vietlanta secures a wave of his own with this meticulously crafted album featuring fellow Audible Hustle creative Rello The God and budding Atlanta talent Derrick Russell. If it’s ever been assumed that Atlanta only births one spectrum of artists, this is a testament to the lack of truth behind the theory.

As encore to last year’s “Nostalgia” mixtape which was beyond successful in its own right, “Viva Soul” is a progressive product that’s sure to expand the fire from an already conjured spark. As a self-proclaimed student of hip-hop, genuine appreciation for the craft and undeniable talent will help steer this growing emcee to an already destined zenith. Alongside the evolving Audible Hustle imprint, there’s surely enough pressure to go around. Dive into the waves below! For more information on the wave-god Billy Vietlanta visit

Written by Rod McCoy


You can stream Viva Soul by Billy Vietlanta on Spotify below and also can be purchased from iTunes.


Viva Sovl

Viva Sovl, an album by Billy Vietlanta on Spotify


Make sure you check out the album and head to the comments section below to give me some feedback.

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