Father Son Bonding
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3 Sports That Are Great For Father Son Bonding

It’s always great when you can find ways to be a good dad and include something fun that you love. Sports are a fantastic way of doing just that. They give you a chance to bond with you sons as well as having some extra enjoyment too. The question is, which sports are the best for bonding with your son? Here are three listed below:

Father Son Bonding


Tennis is a great sport in that you always need someone else to play it with. You can’t play on your own, which gives you the perfect excuse to get your son involved. The other wonderful thing about tennis is that it’s on TV pretty much all year. There’s a brief period between the end of November and the start of January where no professional tennis is being played. Other than that, you’ve got something to watch pretty much every week. This means you and your son can follow the tennis results together and sit and watch the best tournaments. Then, you can head out to your local courts and play against each other, keeping track of who wins the most matches! If you have three sons, then you’re in luck as it means you can play doubles too!

Father Son Bonding


Golf is almost the ultimate father/son bonding sport. Some people may think it’s boring to watch, and that’s fair. But, it can be a lot of fun to play, and it gives you an excuse to spend an hour or two with your son just chatting away. A golf session every weekend is your chance to catch up with your son and see how he’s finding life and what’s happening with him. You can even get him new gear on sites like The Golf Shop Online as a special treat now and then. Say he does good in his school exams, you can get him a new club or set of tees. What makes golf so great is the relaxed feel of the game. You can have a leisurely stroll and not have to worry about exerting too much energy. Consequently, it’s a game you can plan well into your 60’s, meaning you can bond with your son even when they’re older.

Father Son Bonding


Soccer is always going to be a great sport to bond with your son. It’s the most popular sport in the country, and it’s likely your son will want to play it from an early age. This means you can go to their soccer matches when they’re 5 all the way up to when they’re 18 and still playing. It helps create a bond as you get that Saturday morning routine of heading out together for their matches. Plus, you can watch soccer together too, or go to live matches. Boys usually support whoever their dad supports, so you and your son will always be ready to support your team every weekend when the match comes on.


In general, all sports can be great for increasing the bond with your children. But, these three are the best ones, so give them a try!

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