Sodapalooza at RaceTrac
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Join Me to Celebrate Sodapalooza at RaceTrac This Summer

This post was brought to you by RaceTrac, I received compensation to write about this post but all opinions expressed are my own.

Sodapalooza at RaceTracSodapalooza at RaceTrac

The kids finally getting out of school and it’s about to start burning up in the south. One thing about the summer time is that I love to grill out and drink as much as possible. Seeing that I’m always outside either doing yard work, relaxing on the patio or playing basketball. No need to worry because RaceTrac got you covered as Sodapalooza is upon us. You may be asking, what is Sodapalooza? Head over to your nearest RaceTrac to purchase the 2017 Sodapalooza cup first. With the purchase of the limited-time-only cup for $11.99, you can enjoy FREE refills all summer long until July 31st. Whether you like fountain drinks or want any of the frozen beverages, you get them free with the purchase of the cups. If that wasn’t enough, the Sodapalooza cups come with several coupons inside worth between $30 and $150.

Save Even More at RaceTrac

Celebrate Sodapalooza at RaceTracCelebrate Sodapalooza at RaceTracCelebrate Sodapalooza at RaceTracCelebrate Sodapalooza at RaceTracCelebrate Sodapalooza at RaceTrac

Just buying the limited-time-only Sodapalooza cups will save you money on beverages and the coupon that’s inside it.  RaceTrac gives you another way to save money while shopping there and that’s by downloading the RaceTrac Rewards app. No matter if you’re rocking with Android or iOS, you’ll be able to download the app and get immediate savings. First off, download the app before you go to purchase your Sodapalooza cup to get $2 off. Just think about this, you can get the Sodapalooza cup for $9.99 and receive FREE refills all summer long until July 31st. For more information and other RaceTrac initiatives follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or just visit the RaceTrac website. By doing any of those, you can become a RaceTrac Insider, get Sodapalooza news to your email to get exclusive coupons and giveaways throughout the year.

My Trips to RaceTrac

Luckily, RaceTrac is less than five minutes from my job and I’m in there about 3 days a week. Whether it’s on my lunch break at night or stopping by there when I get off in the mornings for breakfast. Now that I have my Sodapalooza cup, I can something to drink for FREE on my lunch break and when I get off. Do you know how much money I’ll save between now and July 31st? For me, there’s nothing like a fresh and cold Sprite which is the drink of my choice. Trust me, with this hot and humid weather in Georgia, this is a must have for everyone that lives here. Head to RaceTrac, grab your Sodapalooza cup and post it online to let everyone know how much money you’ll save. If you don’t mind, tag RaceTrac, tag me and include the hashtag Sodapalooza.


What do you think about the return of Sodapalooza? Do you like to visit your local RaceTrac? What is your favorite drink or combination of drinks? Head to the comments section below and leave some feedback about RaceTrac.

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