Top 5 Bike Races
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Are You Into Bike Racing? The Top 5 Bike Races in the U.S.

Top 5 Bike Races

If you are a biking enthusiast in the USA then you have been probably spending a lot of time looking for major biking events to attend to in the country. While biking in the country may not be one of the major sports that guarantees millions of views and hits due to wide-scale marketing and national coverage, it still has enough followers and sponsors that enable organizations to create biking events that will surely bring both enthusiasts and local fresh faces to the event. Below are the top 5 bike races in the USA that will get your blood boiling in excitement and your legs pumping for more energy than ever

Tour of California Race

If you just recently learned biking and would want to experience the feeling in the pro scene, then this race that happens at the state of California during the mid to late of May will surely fulfill that dream of yours. Sponsored by Carmichael Training Systems, you will get the rare chance of racing with the pros! Yes, pro as in a whole pack of professional bikers competing against you, although, if you slack a little bit and get left behind, you will automatically be pulled out of the race as to prevent accidents and delays. The Tour of California race is complete with feed zones, team cars, ambulances, and professional mechanics to ensure a smooth flow. You will also get the chance to have the same accommodation with the pro teams, so you will get those selfies and chit chats. Who knows? Through this experience, you might level up and enter the pros.

Colorado Classics

The Colorado classics that will happen on August 10-13 will surely revive the dying cycling scene in the area. Sponsored by RPM events groups, the event will surely deliver the hype needed to revive the cycling scene. In fact, the race which will feature more than 18 professional cycling teams from all around the world racing in a 300-mile circuit has been graded 2.HC putting the event shoulder to shoulder with major events like Tour de France and the Spring classics. And with that guarantee, you will surely be missing on a lot of you dare miss this future major cycling event.

Race across America

3,000 miles, 12 states, over 170,000 of vertical terrain and a whopping 30% increase in duration compared to “the Tour de France”, need we say more? With this kind deadly conditions, successful bikers will be no less than Superman at least in terms of endurance. This event which lasts for more than 2 weeks will surely be a sight to see not just on the national level but also in the international scene.

Leadville 100 MTB

If you are a fan of rough road and mountain bikes, then this event must be on the top of your list. The Leadville event is one of the most famous and reputable mountain bike racing events in the world. With just roughly 60% of the participants finishing the event, successful participants will surely savor the experience and will be a bragging right among their peers.

Sea Otter Cycling Classic

With more than 10,000 competitors and at least 50,000 of local roadside audience, this week long event is surely one of the most popular cycling events in the USA. This festival includes other professional exhibitions, booths, and other entertainments that will surely keep the tourists at their feet the whole weekend.

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