Cut Your Debt
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5 Tips to Help You Find More Money and Cut Your Debt

Cut Your Debt

If you are over your head in debt, it can make your life truly miserable, especially if you have a family to support. You begin to feel useless, desperate and depressed, but you know what? You shouldn’t let debt beat you down because, no matter how hard things are for you right now, it is possible to turn things around and free yourself from the shackles of debt. I’m not going to lie and tell you it will be easy, but here are some things almost anyone can do to find more money and free themselves from debt:

Take on a Second Job

I know it’s not always easy, especially when you have a family to take care of, but the simplest way to find more money and start paying down your debts is to get a second job or to ask for any overtime that’s on offer at your current job. If your childcare or other commitments mean you can’t do that, don’t worry because there are many more options for making more money and ridding yourself of fast once and for good.

Rent Out Your Space

Renting out your space, whether it be a spare room in your home or your garage can be an excellent way to make a few hundred bucks, which can go towards paying off your debts each month. Renting your drive and garage can be very lucrative and it means you won’t have to worry about strangers being inside your home.

Apply for a Loan

Cut Your Debt

I know what you’re thinking – the last thing you should be doing is applying for another loan when you’re drowning in debt, but hear me out. If you’re struggling to meet all your monthly debt repayments, applying to a direct lender for unsecured loans is a great way to get enough cash to consolidate all of your debts into one. When you do this, it will almost always be the case that your monthly repayments will become much lower and it’ll be easier for you to pay down your debt fast.

Sell Your Stuff

It’s not always the case, but I’m willing to bet that most of, many of people reading this will have homes and garages filled with much more stuff than they need, whether they be gadgets, toys or furniture. A fantastic way to make a bit of money and cut down your debt is, therefore, to sell off the excess. Not only will you be surprised by how much you could make, but you’ll also be blown away by how much more comfy, spacious and stylish your home looks.

Talk to Your Creditors

If all else fails and you’re still struggling with debt, a good thing to do is talk to your creditors. Ask them if they would be willing to waive interest on your debt and you will be able to work at paying off your debt without worrying about it growing and becoming more unmanageable every month.


Have you dug your way out of debt? How did you do it?

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