Keeping Your Items Safe
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Hands Off! Keeping Your Items Safe With Kids Around

Keeping Your Items Safe

It’s likely you might have collected some cool items when you were in your teens and 20’s. In fact, a lot of guys love collecting models, retro games or even movie memorabilia. And before you had kids, you might have had them on display in the humble abode. However, now your little ones are around, it can become impossible to leave them on the side. After all, your kids might try and get their hands on them, and then end up marking or breaking the item, leaving it valueless! However, having kids doesn’t have to mean the end of your collectibles. In fact, here is how to keep your items safe with youngsters around.

Put them in your man cave

Displaying your collectible items in the living room is a no-no with little ones around. After all, if they are rushing around in the room playing, they might knock into the item by accident. And when they are toddlers, curiosity might get the better of them, and they will grab the item. After all, it’s easy for your kids to think it’s a play thing! Therefore, you need to create a room which the kids won’t go in where you can keep your precious items. You can then display your collectibles to your heart’s content. Having a daddy hangout is also ideal for when you need some space from the kids. After all, if things are getting too much, you can spend a couple of hours chilling out in the room!

Leave everything in original cases

You should also make sure you leave everything in their original cases. For one thing, it will keep the value up of the item. After all, if you have the case when you come to sell, you will get more for the item. But moreover, you can ensure they won’t come to any harm. After all, if you take items out of their case, it’s likely to break if an accident did occur. And leaving things like vinyl’s in their cases can stop mucky hands getting on your records. After all, it might stop working if it does get marks. But you need to consider anti-static inner sleeves for your records which is an interesting concept. After all, they can attract dust and other particles if you keep removing and putting them back in the sleeves. Therefore, make sure you get these ones to protect those important discs!

Put them higher than their reach

It’s so important that you think about the height level when you are placing items in your home. Not only for safety reasons but for the durability of your favorite possessions. After all, if they are easy for your kids to reach, it might be the end of the line for your precious items. They might accidentally knock them to the floor, or mark the items which cause them to lower in value. Therefore, always put the items out of reach in the home. Go for large cabinets which your kids will struggle to get to. In fact, you might want to go for a lockable option which will ensure they stay nice and safe!

And remember to warn them not to touch them. After all, if your kids know they are out of bounds, they won’t be tempted to play with the items.

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