Make For A Better World

5 Small Changes You Can Make for a Better World

As a parent, not only are we responsible for the health and wellbeing of our children, but we are also role models for who they will be when they grow up. If we treat our planet as a disposable, so will they; if we treat others less fortunate than ourselves with disrespect, so will they. In a world where the bad seemingly outweighs the good, it is up to us parents to bring up those who will make a positive change. It can sometimes seem like there is nothing we can do to make a difference, but change starts at home, and the revolution will be a quiet change through our generations and through our children. If you are stuck on where to start to build your little people up to be compassionate, caring and Earth-loving people, here are just a few small ideas to get you on your way. You can learn more from these professional thesis writers.

Make For A Better World

Offset your carbon footprint

If you are a family who drives a lot, travel often or own a business with a hefty load of carbon emissions, why not calculate your footprint and offset it? If your output is minimal, you can plant trees in your garden or a community forest of orchard project. However, if your carbon footprint is high, there are websites out there which can help you calculate what you need to do, and how. From donating money to plant trees for a sustainability project or getting involved with a charity, there are loads of options!

Buy ethical products

Changing your shopping habits isn’t always an easy change to make, but by shopping local and with ethical companies, you are keeping the money out of the pockets of people who damage the world and avoid taxes, and instead, putting it back into the community or companies which support change and the environment. Cosmetic company Lush are a notable example of an ethical company, as are Il Gufo children’s clothing, who only use natural fibers in their products!

Forget the car

Cars are a big drain on both our bank balances and our natural resources. If you have the time, leave the car at home and walk instead if a journey will take less than five minutes to drive. Not only will this save you money on fuel, but it will promote a healthier lifestyle within the family, as well as reducing your carbon emissions! Encouraging your kids to walk more will hopefully set them up for a future of not being lazy and wanting to use their legs to get somewhere, rather than relying on four wheels! Remember that public transport is also a great alternative to driving if it is affordable and available.

Give blood

Giving blood can be a daunting idea, but it is one of the greatest ways for someone to directly impact someone’s life. Just one session can save a human life – whether that person needs a blood transfusion, an operation or was in an accident, by giving blood you are the source of goodness! Bonus: you almost always get given tea and biscuits after you have given blood.

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