Kilo Nasty Dancer
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Kilo Nasty Dancer for Throwback Thursday

Kilo Nasty Dancer

It’s been a while since I done a Throwback Thursday, but that’s going to change. The joint I’ll be featuring is something I’m listening to in the car at the time as it could be anything. To get things started, I’ll be highlighting Kilo Ali or just Kilo who was a major star in the ATL. He hit the scene in Atlanta in 1991 with the America Has a Problem album and had enormous success with the track Cocaine. He dropped albums every year and scored nationwide success with his Get This Party Started. This album produced my featured track, Nasty Dancer which was played at damn near every club. Kilo Ali most successful album was the one released on Interscope in 1997 called Organized Bass.

Do you remember Kilo aka Kilo Ali? Do you remember Nasty Dancer and his Get This Party Started album? What’s your favorite track from ATL legend Kilo? Head to the comments section below and give me some feedback.

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