You Messed Up

Wait, You Messed Up? Here’s How To Fix It

You Messed Up

There comes a time in all our lives where we mess up – even if it’s just a little. And boy isn’t it frustrating. Sometimes, you do things without thinking that completely throw out your plans for the day. At times, you’ll find that you’re just not thinking and that’s when accidents happen. And then at others, these just things happen whether we want them to or not. But, the most important part of all is how you act after you’ve messed up! It’s so easy to panic, but what you need to do instead is take action to try and make things right or find a resolution. Want to know how? Here are a few scenarios to consider.

Lost Something Valuable

When you lose something of significant value to you or a loved one, it can feel soul destroying. It’s often the reason we try to keep things safe around our little ones or do a huge check to see that we’ve got everything before we head out or go on vacation. But, when you realize that your phone is missing, or you can’t locate your wedding ring, what do you do? First, pending on what it is, you’re going to want to do a big search for it, then call your insurance companies or any companies that you need to cancel policies or plans that you have and then think about replacing the items where possible.

Dropped Something

We all manage to drop things every now and again. Whether it’s a plate from your wedding china or your favorite coffee cup, you can often feel frustrated at yourself that it happened. And worse, if it’s your wife’s, you can freak out. But don’t – take action. After cleaning up the mess and securing the area, see if you can find a replacement so that you can feel like the incident never happened.

You Messed Up

Spilt Somethin

Then we have the odd red wine on the carpet fiasco! And this one can hurt. When you have cream or light-colored carpets and a big old blob of red wine lands right on it, you can feel your heart sink – especially if you’ve been specifically told to be careful with food and drink around the carpers. After padding out as much of the wine as possible, you’re going to need to get professionals to help you remove the stain and visit for more details on just how you might be able to do that. Because remember, stains can be removed!

Said Something You Shouldn’t Have

And finally, there’s that kind of mess up that doesn’t involve inanimate objects – but your mouth instead. Whether it’s a complete accident, or you just didn’t realize that you’d hurt somebody’s feelings, we can all say things we shouldn’t have in life. It’s often one of the biggest struggles of people with no filter, just like said! But, the best thing to do is try and handle the situation well. Whether you need to apologize or take back what you said, you need to do it and fast, just to make sure no bridges are burnt!

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