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7 Ways You Can Show How To Be A Real Man

Real Man

If for whatever reason, you find yourself doubting your manly capabilities, there really is no need to. But if you just wanted a helpful reminder of the things you are ‘supposed’ to do as male; here’s a reminder.

… Not that you didn’t know and do all of this already… ‘Cause you’re a man… – Obviously.

Read a map.

This doesn’t mean the one on your cell phone; we’re talking about the proper paper map that opens way bigger than it should. What’s cooler than guiding your group of people from A to B. Even if you have no idea what you’re looking at, fake it ’til you make it. If anyone asks if they just passed that same tree ten minutes ago – tell them they may be getting dehydrated and delirious. Works every time…

Oversee the barbecue.

This is a given. Whenever you have friends and family over, you should assign yourself the job of grilling all that meat on the barbecue, and dealing with the fire throughout the day. So, make sure no one takes them tongs away from you.

Play a musical instrument.

What is cooler (and sexier) than being able to play a musical instrument? Although, a triangle isn’t manly, so don’t get one of them…

Go for something like a guitar or the drums. It doesn’t really matter if you can play them – just having them in your home is manly enough. If anyone asks you to play a little somethin’-somethin’, just tell them you damaged your hand because you were playing so aggressively last night. (Tortured poet and all that…)


Who would you be if you didn’t repair or build things yourself? No real man has to call out a service, even if you decided on building a log home, you don’t need anyone’s help.  A real man figures it out and sorts it. Easy-peasy, right?  So, the next time that table wobbles, the pipe bursts, and the car doesn’t start – do it yourself.

Build a campfire.

This is going back to your roots here. Us cavemen created the fire with our bare hands! … Well, and some sticks or whatever. – But mostly our bare hands!

The next time you plan on going away in the nature (or even just in your backyard,) make a fire. Even cut the wood for it, and keep it crackling away all night long. Or until you’re out of marshmallows…

Sharpen your knife.

This is even cooler if you do it while sitting next to the fire you made (with your bare hands!) Get one of those sharpening stones and slide your knife back and forth until your arm starts to ache. This is how you know when it’s perfect.

Eat food when it’s too hot.

This just shows people how much of a bad ass we are. There’s always one person that will say “Don’t eat it yet, it’s way too hot!” And we do it anyway. And it burns our mouths out and forms instant blisters, and we totally regret putting it our mouth. But we obviously don’t tell anyone this. Because we’re men.

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