Workout Motivation
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Workout Motivation: How to Get it and Keep it!

Workout Motivation

Many of us go through bursts of exercising from time to time – maybe after making a new year’s resolution or in the weeks leading up to a summer holiday. But all too often, that motivation can dwindle and you can easily end up back in your old unhealthy habits. Workout motivation should be something you aim to keep all year round, but this is often easier said than done. To give you a helping hand, here are just a few common ways that you can maintain workout motivation and make fitness a way of life rather than a passing fad.

Get a Workout Buddy

Though there is nothing wrong with working out on your own, there is also no one else there to hold you accountable if you lose your drive and focus. A dedicated workout buddy can drag you out on the days that you don’t feel like exercising. If you choose someone who is slightly fitter than you, you also have a target to aim for which can encourage a healthy sense of competition between the two of you. As well as this, you are more likely to try out new workouts and join new classes as a pair.

Give Yourself Some Incentives

Motivation comes in numerous forms, but it could be that you have recently had a particularly unattractive photo taken of you and change things as soon as possible. If man boobs are the issue, check out this article about how to reduce them You could try taking new pictures of yourself on a regular basis to show your progress. Alternatively, you could have a certain target that you want to achieve such as a running time or weight goal. People tend to be much more motivated when they have something to work toward. Once you hit your goal, make sure to set a new one so you continually have new incentives.

Try New Workouts

Workout Motivation

If you are doing the same old workout regime day in, day out, it is no wonder that you are losing your fitness motivation! They say that variety is the spice of life, and this is certainly the case when it comes to exercising. So, try a new sport or join a new fitness class. As well as giving yourself an entirely new type of workout, you may also discover a new passion in life which can never be a terrible thing!

Picture Yourself in the Future

Visualization can be a very powerful tool when it comes to maintaining your workout motivation. You need to be constantly imagining yourself in the future, either achieving an important goal or looking better than you ever have before. For example, you may want to picture yourself crossing the finish line during a big race or striding along the beach with no feelings of self-consciousness holding you back. Keep this image in your mind every day that you really don’t feel like pushing yourself that little bit harder.

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