Kids Involved In Your Wedding
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4 Amazing Ways To Get Your Kids Involved In Your Wedding

Kids Involved In Your Wedding

One of the things so many married couples wish they could have had the chance to do is have their children be at their wedding, so if you are lucky enough to be able to do this then do all you can to get them involved. Don’t let them watch from the sidelines like all the other guests, proudly smiling away in their gorgeous suits and dresses, find a way to have them be a part of your special day. Of course, we recommend you ask them how they feel about this and what they would be most comfortable doing. But to help you come up with a range of things they can choose from, here is a list of amazing ways you can include them in the party.

Kids Involved in Your Wedding

Have Them Skip Down the Aisle

Traditions would say it is the father of the bridge that gets to walk your wife to be down the aisle, but traditions don’t compare to seeing your son walk on the other side of their mom as well. That is one of the best alternatives out there. Three generations and two of the men that matter most to them, handing over your gorgeous lady could be one of the most special moments you’ll ever experience. The only thing that could equal it is if your daughter stands with you at the front of the church, holding your hand and wiping your tears as you see wife slowly walk towards you looking more stunning than ever.

Have Them Choose the Rings

You wedding rings are one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, and allowing your kids to help you choose them will be so special. You may well have done this when you were browsing the Tacori engagement rings, but there is something even more special with it being the actual bands you will handover on the day. Ask them what they like in terms of style and shape and color, and be prepared for some wildly out their answers at first. But as they get more into it, they will start choosing wedding rings more akin to what you were thinking, and you can encourage their choice by telling them you love their ideas.

Kids Involved in Your Wedding

Have Them Create a Confetti Bar

There isn’t a wedding guest that doesn’t want to get involved with throwing confetti. It is just one of the most magical moments of your wedding, as you walk out to the sound of music, guests lining the path and confetti being chucked in the air as you go. Chances are, this photograph will be your absolute favorite. So, get your kids to set up a little confetti bar with jars full of paper, glitter and anything else they want and then hand out paper bags filled with the stuff to everyone who wants some. This is one of the most fun ways to get them involved, which you’ll be able to see by the smiles on their faces.

Have Them Be in The Wedding Party

It may not be appropriate for them to join your Stag weekend or mom’s Hen party, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include them in the wedding party on your big day. Having them stand in their bridesmaid dresses and groomsman suit will be one of the most amazing memories you can ever hope to collect. Not only this, but they will be recognized by everyone and thanks for playing such a significant role in everything, and that will fill them with pride and joy.

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