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A bedroom is a special place. Unlike the other areas in your home, this room is completely private. It’s a place the children fear to tread. And, this is the way you want to keep it. As a parent, your bedroom is often the last slice of privacy you have. This makes it incredibly important to make sure your bedroom’s decorated and style in a way that you love. It’s easy to become completely selfless as a parent. But, with all the work you do for the family, it’s time to do something for yourself. DIY is becoming easier and easier. And, with this post, you should have everything you need to get started on the bedroom you’ve always dreamt about.

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When you begin decorating a room, it’s a clever idea to come up with a theme for it. This will help you to tie everything together and make the room look whole. The starting point for this is choosing your colors. The way that you decorate the floors and walls in your bedroom will have a significant impact on the way the room looks and feels. For example, a room with exposed beams, wooden floorboards, and painted walls will often look very homely. But, a room with carpet, normal ceilings, and painted walls would look quite modern. When choosing the colors for these parts of a room, it’s usually best to choose neutral options. This enables you to add splashes of color with the other parts of the room.


Once you have an idea of how you want the room to be colored, you can start to establish more of the theme. Now, your focus will still be on the walls. But, you’ll be thinking of the smaller things you use to adorn them. Having photos and artwork hanging will have a large impact on the room. So, you must be careful when you’re choosing it. Only pick options which you’re sure will match the other ideas you have. Otherwise, you might end up with a chaotic room which could look ugly or unsightly. The type frame you choose will have a substantial impact, too. So, it’s worth making sure you shop around and look for inspiration to help you.

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The Bed

Now, it’s time to consider some of the furniture in your room. The bed gets its own section here because it’s so important to this room; it’s even in the name! Having a good bed will make life a lot better. And, with the options available in the modern market, you can get something truly special with the right research. If you like to have long lie-ins or like to watch TV in bed, an option with a TV mount at the foot could be perfect. Or, for someone who likes to work in bed, choosing a frame with a built-in desk would serve you well. If you’re patient, a lot of websites offer flash sales for beds. So, by keeping your eyes open for a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to find a good bargain.


Along with a good frame, a bed needs to have a good mattress. But, you should do a little more work to find this component. Your mattress is the most important part of your bed. And, though it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your bedroom, it will certainly change the way you feel about it. Reading reviews to choose between options like a Silent Night or Eco Bliss mattress is the best way to go about this. It will help you to find out what other users have experienced with the product. And, if you use professional review sites, you may even find comparisons between the options you like the look of. Your mattress can have an enormous impact on the sleep, the relaxation, and the fun times you have in your bed. So, it’s worth working hard to get it right.


Your bed is an excellent place to add some color to your room. Most people will use linen sets to make their bed have a bigger impact on their room. Choosing these products will take a lot of research, though. It’s important to make sure you find something which will match the other choices in the room, and make you feel good when you look at it. Websites like Etsy are great for those who like to have something a little more unique. But, websites like eBay and Amazon can also be good.

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Other Furniture

Now, it’s time to focus on the other furniture in the room. In most cases, you will probably have a promising idea of what you want your furniture to be like. And, the choices you made for your bed will heavily influence it. When choosing something like a wardrobe or chest of drawers, you have to keep a few different things in mind. First, you should be practical. It’s important to make sure the options you’re looking at will provide enough space. Then, you must make sure you only choose options made from the same or a complementary material to match your bed. To get the best deals, it’s a good idea to look for a place which renovates second hand furniture. This gives you the chance to find something very high quality, for a price which won’t hurt the wallet.


Once, you have these larger pieces sorted out; you can start to consider the smaller options you’d like to have. A lot of people like to have bedside cabinets. And, like your larger furniture, these should match your bed as best they can. A lot of people like to use fabric to match their bedsheets as an accent on their bedside tables. This sort of feature is a nice one to add if you want to have a little bit of flair. You can find loads of inspiration for creative and interesting small bedroom furniture. Websites like Instagram can be some of the best because they receive thousands of new submissions each day. Along with this, you could also consider going to furniture shows or events to get an idea of what is available to you.

Working Magic

Techy gadgets to make it all the better

No modern bedroom is complete without some techy touches. And, now, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to have a room filled with life-changing gadgets. Over the last you years, huge leaps have been made in computer technology. As these devices get smaller, they are also becoming more powerful. And, this makes it much easier for engineers to fit them into affordable packages. A notable example of one of these pieces of technology is a variation on the light bulb. Smart bulbs, which have color control and automatic energy saving modes, have become almost as inexpensive as normal bulbs. These sorts of bulbs can be found for near enough any fitting. And, most can be controlled from any type of smart phone.


Along with this, you could also consider an option like Google’s Home Speaker system. Devices like this can be controlled by your voice and can carry out a lot more work than normal speakers. Imagine having an alarm clock which can also play your favorite songs on demand and give you a list of your tasks for the day. In this regard, the future is already here. And, regardless of your devices, you can find something which matches your current ecosystem.


Hopefully, this will give you a clever idea of what you can do to your bedroom to make it your favorite room in the house. Most parents don’t get to spend money or time like this on themselves. But, an investment like this can make you feel much better about life. And, it gives you a chance to get something done without the kids calling the shots.

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