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21st Century Dad: 4 Things to Follow To Be That Dad

What sort of dad are you? Are you a stone age snail mail pop, or are you a cutting edge 21st-century dad complete with an armory of gadgets to help you with your fatherly duties? Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, but you could do with a little updating? If this is the case, read on for a rundown on how to be technologically up to date pop.

Staying in contact

One of the most advantageous things about all the technology that is available now is that it allows you to keep in contact very easily with the kids. This can help keep them safe, by using location finding apps that connect to their phone or key rings. Or for just saying hi when you are away on business through Facetime or Skype. It can even help you stay in contact with the other adults in you kids live as it’s easy to exchange emails with their teachers and sports coaches. You don’t even have to pay for an email service, you can just sign in to Gmail on the Google homepage and get all your correspondence right there. Simple.

21st Century Dad

When the kids get sick

Some tech can also be useful when the kids get sick. There are digital thermometers to keep track of their temperature now. You can also get medical help online. No, I don’t mean Dr. Google, but the genuine video doctor’s services that are on offer instead. They can even prescribe medications.

21st Century Dad

These are a service that you pay for monthly, which allow you a certain number of video consultations with a qualified GP. Something that can be incredibly useful when the kids are suddenly taken ill.

Helping with homework

Don’t forget that tech can also help with homework too. Use Google to search for answers to research questions. Or get more specific help from specialist sites with online tutors. You can even employ tutors by the hour to give one to one help over Skype to your child on a subject like English, Math and Science. Don’t forget either that there are a lot of educational games sites and revision site online that can help make the tiresome job of studying for exams fun. Introduce your kids to this way of learning is a win-win. As they will be studying and you will be earning some added dad points!

Reading a bedtime story

Lastly, another super application of tech when parenting is the bedtime story. No longer so you should wade your way through mind-numbing children’s books. Instead, you can download the audiobook version and listen to the story together.  Audiobook apps often have a timer too, so there’s no getting an extra 5 minutes out of you once bedtime rolls around.

21st Century Dad

Alternatively, why not let the kids read from a picture or animated book on your phone. Not only are you spending quality time with them by doing this, but you are also instilling a love of reading that will serve them throughout their entire life.

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