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4 Solid Reasons to Vape Instead of Smoke


“Smoking is injurious to health”. How often do we see or hear this statement? And yet, so many are unable to give up the habit. Smoking does bring forth a lot of harmful effects on your health. But if you’re really looking to leave the tobacco behind and continue to enjoy the smoking experience, then you should try your hand at vaping. Check out this vape shop online Canada to get started.

E-cigs will offer you the best alternative there is, without falling prey to tar or smoke or any of the other ill effects of tobacco. While there are quite a few reasons why you should take up vaping instead of smoking, here are 4 that should help you to seriously consider the option.

1. A clear and safe airway:

Our airways can be quite sensitive and they play a vital role to our living, for they aid us in breathing. If your airway is blocked partially or fully, then you will suffer from acute breathing diseases and with smoking, this is a problem that is bound to occur.

Studies show that amongst lung cancer patients, 80% of them will develop the disease because they smoke. When you smoke cigarettes, the smoke will enter your airway and into your lungs causing severe damage on the way. Your lungs and airways are made of soft tissues which are soon worn out by the smoke, causing them to turn black. This in turn causes chronic cough, formation of mucus, and sometimes you may even develop asthma.

With vaping, you are removing the inhalation of smoke and hence the chances of you falling prey to lung cancer or other breathing disorders is eliminated completely. It also helps to reduce the chronic cough that the majority of smokers suffer from.

2. Stay safe from reproductive disorders:

There have been many studies and constant warnings on the harm smoking can cause to unborn children. From miscarriage to low birth weight and other possible birth defects, an expecting mother should tackle many issues through active and passive smoking. It is therefore imperative that a person who is expecting a child (and those around them) refrain from smoking.

Ectopic pregnancy is another possible life threatening and horrifying side effect of smoking. It’s also been found that smoking can cause erectile dysfunction and infertility in men and women. This is one reason why we should all avoid it as best as we can. Again, with vaping, you can avoid these harmful effects for there are no evidence indicating that vape can cause severe repercussions.

3. Better health conditions:

Smoking doesn’t just cause damage to your internal organs, but the smoke can even harm your eyesight. The damage can be anywhere from loss of vision, to glaucoma to cataract. Smoking will also make your skin age faster, by killing the skin’s elasticity causing it to wrinkle fast. It even causes bags under your eyes making you look haggard. And, it can result eventually in warts, skin cancer, psoriasis and more. With vaping, you can avoid all these problems. It’s been proven in studies that more than 90% of smokers show significant improvements in their health when they shift to vaping. Tobacco related deaths and other health impediments are also avoided when you vape instead of smoke.

4. More options to choose from:

Again, when you compare the cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco related products, you have more options to choose from if you take up vaping. For example, you have disposable and refillable e-hookahs for vaping, and vape pens which are also available from multiple brands with multiple substances to fill them with. There are even vape pens with oil, wax or other herbs that can simulate a similar smoking experience without spoiling your health.

With vaping bringing down the number of harmful toxins that go into your lungs, it’s clear to see that it is a much better option to live a smoke free life by switching to this safer alternative. A healthy life stems only from a healthy body, and to have a healthy and fit body you should work on developing an aversion to smoking. And for those who love it, vape pens are a much better solution.

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