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No Time For Sports? Here’s A Cheat Sheet

We all lead very busy lives, and it can be difficult to fit our passion for sports into a busy schedule. You’ll have plenty of commitments that you need to take care of from family time to work related activities. When you get in from the office, you probably just want to kick back with a cold one and watch the game. But that’s not always possible when kids need help with their homework. Or, you brought your own work home with you! So, we need to think of some of the ways that we can keep up with sports while still staying on top of the other important things in life.

Hey, There’s an App for That

No Time for Sports

There are countless apps these days for sports enthusiasts. You can get apps with schedules of the latest games and tournaments as well as tips on who’s going to win and why. You can even get apps that will allow you to watch live sports games, often for free on your cell phone. At the very least, you’ll probably be able to catch up on the highlights. So, while you might not catch the whole game, you can always talk about the best moments of the match and the greatest plays in the game. That’ll help when someone asks you that age old question, ‘did you see the game last night?’

Using Your Lunch Hour

Who needs lunch when you can stay at your desk and watch your favorite sports online? There are lots of ways to do this, and if you’re a fan of the Yankees, you’ll definitely want to check out the YES network live stream. YES network stands for Yankees Entertainment and Sports. It will provide you with all the updates and sometimes feeds of games right from your desktop computer. So, heat up that cup of soup in the microwave and settle down for a solid hour of sports entertainment at the office. This is just one example of the live sports streams that are available for enthusiasts.

Combining Sports Time with Family Time

No Time for Sports

Some of your time is probably taken up by spending time with the family and kids. But that doesn’t mean you must give up your passion for sports. Why not combine the two? There are plenty of sports that you can enjoy with the kids, and some of these are even water based. Heading to Disney on holiday this year? At Typhoon Lagoon, you can get family surf lessons in one of the world’s biggest wave pool. If you want to learn a new sport, this is a fantastic way to do it. Or, perhaps you just want to pass on your love for surfing to the little ones.

Little Practice Kits

Hey, if you want to practice your favorite sport and you don’t have time to squeeze it in, you’re not being creative enough. You could be eager to improve your basketball shot. Well, more than anything else this is about aim. You can get a mini hoop for any trash can and use it to practice your game whenever you need to toss some trash. It’s a wonderful way to build your skill and let’s face it, it makes throwing things away a lot more fun.

No Time for Sports

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