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Entertaining Kids Of Multiple Ages – Try These Great Activities

Entertaining Kids

Being a Dad is the greatest feeling in the world, and each of your children bring vast amounts of joy to your life. The only problem with having kids of different ages is that finding a way to keep them all entertained can feel almost impossible. It’s easy when you spend individual time with just one of the kids, but keeping them, all occupied at once is another altogether. Thankfully, with these activities, you’ll never run out if ideas again. Family fun never felt so easy.

Get Sporty

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy those activities yourself, especially as it will improve the experience for your kids. So, if you’re a sporty person, it’s only natural to inject physical activities into your parenting duties. You might not get youngsters to join in with home gym workouts, although it isn’t as uncommon as you probably think. In truth, though, you’re far more likely to see impressive results with these sporting activities. The remarkable thing about them is that it teaches siblings to play with each other, as well as the benefits of healthy competition. Many sporting activities can be conducted in the garden or the local park. It’s practical, fun, and far more affordable than many of the alternatives. The fact that they’ll be developing communication and coordination skills is worth consideration too.

Be A Group (Literally)

Alongside sports, music is the perfect form of entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Better still, it’s something that kids can keep themselves occupied with at any moment. Even if your children aren’t particularly gifted and do it simply for fun, it should be better than playing Xbox all day. As well as having the opportunity to play guitar or drums alone, there’s nothing better than starting a little band with their siblings. Moreover, this is an activity where most kids will happily let their parents join in too. If one or more of the kids shows real promise, hire a tutor at www.takelessons.com. It might just open a world of new opportunities.


Given that music is something that can follow them through life, learning those skills now can only be beneficial. Many of those skills can encourage greater academic achievement also. If nothing else, it can give your kids the confidence to perform and bee themselves in front of others.

See Animals

Keeping all the kids happy at home or in the garden is one thing, but finding suitable days out is another altogether. Unfortunately, most activity centers for three-year-old will leave a 10-year-old feeling bored. Conversely, anything that does keep the latter happy will usually exclude the youngest siblings. However, animals are something that everyone can enjoy. There are many options out there including zoos, farms, and other activities. Meanwhile, you can use seasonal activities for an even greater family experience. Learn more about some of those possibilities at www.mrbonespumkinpatch.com. If those activities can keep everyone smiling, you’d be a fool to miss out. Not least because those memories serve as a yearly reminder.


Another option is to sign yourselves up to take rescue dogs for walks etc. Just be warned, your kids might soon decide that they want a pet of their own. Still, if you have the time to treat it well, it could be the perfect way to unite the family as one.

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