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Upgrade Your Water Hose with the Black & Decker ZeroKink Water Hose

I received free products in return for a review. All opinions are 100% mine and the article is sponsored by BondMFG.

ZeroKink Water Hose

It’s hard to believe that it’s summer once again. In Georgia, that means on those hot days we have that hot, humid weather we love to hate. On the cooler days, we either still spend time in the house or use that time to wash our cars. Usually, we head to the local car wash to make our vehicles look nice because I don’t like dealing with our water hoses tangling up all the time. This year will be much different as I’ve gotten the chance to check out the Black & Decker ZeroKink Water Hose. As soon as my son spotted it, he wanted to test it out so we drove to the store to pick up cleaning supplies for the car. From there, he said he got it and proceeded to wash his car without the water stopping because the hose tangling up.

ZeroKink Water Hose

Where you want to clean your vehicles or water plants in your yard, this is perfect for you. The ZeroKink Water Hose reaches 50 feet and it’s tested to resist pressure of 500 PSI. Even though the ZeroKink Water Hose is 50 feet long, it’s light to carry around. Unlike other hoses, the Georgia weather will not damage this one because of the UV-resistant outer layer. The Ultra-durable forged aluminum couplings help prevent corrosion so it will last longer. Despite being an excellent product by Black & Decker, they still offer a 10-year warranty. Trust me, you’ll want to replace your old water hose and never look back again.

ZeroKink Water Hose

Black & Decker Water Nozzle

ZeroKink Water Hose

The Black & Decker ZeroKink Water Hose is great, but you’ll need the Black & Decker Nozzle to go with it. When you think about Black & Decker, quality is the first thing that comes to mind and these products are no different. The nozzle has many ways to disperse the water to your liking. You also control the amount of water coming out with the knob, which is set for 3 distinct levels.

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